Family fun fight nights… in a good way. Loving NCAA 12 while awaiting NCAA 13! #NCAA13 #CBias

EA Sports “It’s in the game”…

and that’s how we know it’s game time around here.  My Husband being the football fan that he is looks forward to 2 things: Madden and NCAA football releases.  I’m telling you if I hear the Notre Dame fight song I know it’s gonna be a long night of either me sitting there watching him play football video games or picking up the controller and getting my USC Trojans on the field to face him. Though I’m not as good as he is, it’s always good to play together as a Family.  It’s the funniest thing to watch everyone gun for daddy.  It’s almost like playing kill the man with the ball virtual style….

this is our “fun bunker”

After moving into our new (to us) place, the kids and I spend a lot of time indoors.  Not only because it’s hot and sticky outside, but because it’s too expensive to go anywhere with so many people. 
What do we do for fun?  Well, other than drive each other crazy, we have designated play days.  Sundays are Family Disney movie nights, Fridays are video game nights, Saturdays are a free for all 馃槈  with it being summer and ALL the kids being on vacation, we play video games, board games, read, cook & bake together, and anything else we can thing of during the week.

With the release of EA Sports NCAA 13 coming next week (July 10, 2012 to be exact!), the kids have been not only excited, but playing NCAA 12 as much as they can in efforts to be the best in NCAA 13.  Will it work?  Will all their “hard work” pay play off?  We will see, in the mean time I have been secretly practicing as well, because obviously Mommy doesn’t become the best by just watching 馃槈  Where do I get my video games?  Walmart of course, being a Mommy of many little people, I have to consolidate as much shopping as I can per trip.  LOVE the fact that I can get EVERYTHING I need, from newly released video games, to the snacks we will chow down while fighting playing 馃槈

What do you and your Family like most about NCAA 12?  Are you looking forward to anything special in NCAA 13?  Do you know what to look for or what you need to know so you can impress the Man or little men in your life with your football knowledge?

the only girly girl in the house “accessorizes”
while the little men kick balloons as they play football

Well let me enlighten you a little bit.  If you like to buy games as gifts or surprises, you have to know that the “soon to be released version of NCAA” will not only be all too familiar to the avid football/video game specialist in your life, but it has some awesome new features:

Key Points for NCAA13 – What鈥檚 new and exciting

Heisman Challenge
鈥擶in it for your buy ativan online blog school as you play as one of 10 former Heisman Trophy winners under center, in the backfield, or split wide, see if you can utilize his legendary skills for your favorite college team in a quest to match his award-winning historical performances and win the Heisman Trophy once again.   Choose from the following former Heisman greats:
                                                       路         Robert Griffin III                                                   
        Doug Flutie
        Herschel Walker
        Marcus Allen
        Charlie Ward
        Barry Sanders
        Desmond Howard
        Eddie George
        Carson Palmer
        Andre Ware

An All-New Passing Game鈥擜 revolutionary passing system brings added authenticity to the Quarterback position from ball trajectory to play action pass to the option. Enhanced receiver control puts you in position to make a play on the ball and new read and react defensive coverage delivers greater realism on the gridiron.

Reaction Time鈥擥reat players see and feel the game differently. With Reaction Time, the game slows down during key moments, increasing your on-field awareness and opening up more opportunities as you sense things before they happen.

Dynamic Dynasty鈥擱ecruiting goes deeper than ever with the addition of dynamic recruiting pitches. For the first time ever, your recruiting grades can change each week based on your performance in Dynasty mode. In addition, Game day Saturdays come to life with live studio updates and enhanced commentary by Rece Davis.

Want to hear the “best part” to me as a Mommy?  EA Sports has brought us the You’re covered program.  You can upload a picture of your Family member OR yourself, and print it out as a cover for your new NCAA 13 game!  How adorable would it be to gift your man/little men the new game with their picture as a start player?

maybe I’m a bit partial, but I would LOVE this adorable face on the cover of the new NCAA 13 馃槈

For now here is a shot of the NCAA 12 cover, and yours truly made an appearance with not so girly hands 馃槈

Want more info on the “You’re covered” program?

 visit these links for your own piece of info, c’mon and be the “cool mom”  馃槈
Follow the hype, follow #NCAAfootball13
EA Sports NCAA Football
Twitter: @EANCAAFootball
give them a “like” on Facebook
You’re Covered app page

want one more piece of awesomeness?!?!?

Stay tuned for my next post, where not only will I rave about how I beat played my kids in the new NCAA 13 football game, but I will also have an AMAZING giveaway!!!! 
If you’re a Mom/Dad like me, money can be tight at times, and nothing sounds better than to be able to WIN a newly released video game for the kids right?!

I am a member of the Collective Bias鈩 Social Fabric庐 Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias鈩 and Electronic Arts #CBias #SocialFabric, all opinions, and children are my own, no sharing 馃槈

16 thoughts on “Family fun fight nights… in a good way. Loving NCAA 12 while awaiting NCAA 13! #NCAA13 #CBias”

  1. just googled ncaa 13 to see if my boyfriend would like it since i have seen him play nfl madden. this looks so cool and i love the way you will be able to print the cover with a picture. i am deff gonna get it for my boyfriend. thanks for the post girl

  2. dude i have been waiting for the ncaa 13 to come out. i have my google alerts set for news so your post came up. your little dudes are very advanced to be able to play unless they are like i used to be and just push buttons and get great plays. hahaha. either way, nice to visit someone with similar interestes.


  4. I’m with you, except we play Tiger Woods Golf on Kinect. I didn’t think I would be in to it but, it’s a fun activity for us, including our 3 year old who is OBSESSED with golf!

    I’m a new follower from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. Have a lovely weekend!


  5. What an awesome game! My dad would love to do a family night if we brought this over. Sounds like the kids loved it.

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