I'm going to Sparkle at BlogHer '12

Are you ready for BlogHer 2012?!?!?  I’m not, not even close!!!!  It’s almost 3 am, and I am barely out of the shower, next is finding clothes and can I say I never even got to find my business cards?!?!?!
Having to start from scratch is not only scary and stressful, but I have heard that sometimes
its fun as well.  Still waiting for that part 😉

Last year I was a ball of nerves, anyone that met me can verify, being extremely shy in person is a quality I have mastered ;).  This year I expect to be the same, I am hoping to not be as shy, but then again I hoped for that last year, lol.  It was very intimidating, so many people, and the people!!!! Goodness, let me say this, so many people I met were not the type of people I pictured them to be,

in person they were a lot colder, lol.  The way certain groups formed, and how I saw many bloggers shut out of certain groups because only certain ones were the “cool ones” was SO much like high school, it not only made me feel like the nerdy wall flower, but it hurt to see the faces on the other bloggers who were so “cl”ass”ified”.  I learned many things, one of them was to stay in my lane LOL, being where I am comfortable and with those I am comfortable with makes a HUGE difference, at the same time everyone is different, don’t let my experiences and my openness frighten you.  Use it as a super hero cape and soar!!! 😉

If you see me, hugs will be given, unless you don’t like hugs in that case just a hi is okay ;). Tweet me, I will have a phone with me (long story) and will have my apps in order @militaryfamof8

Last year I was in my hometown of San Diego, Ca during #blogher11, the week after that we moved to NY, now I get to host #BlogHer12 in my “current hometown”. ;).

So welcome all to NY, I hope that all attendees have a wonderful time in the city that never sleeps , and for those of you at home, stay tuned because I will be having MANY reviews and giveaways after BlogHer from our supporters ;).