Have you ever met someone you just clicked with immediately?  Not only did you find out you had similar interests, but also work in the same field?  When was the last time you just met a stranger and brought them home to your Family?
Sounds crazy right?!??!

In October 2011 I was invited to fly out to California to join a group of Bloggers for a media release event from Honda.  The unveiling of the 2012 Honda CR-V. 
Not only was the weekend amazing, it was my chance to return to California after moving to NY a few months prior. 
As always, I was extremely shy, too shy to even introduce myself, so tried to stay to myself. 
The next day I was to myself a bit, still didn’t know where to fit in, as the days ended I was so happy to have met everyone, the entire Honda staff was so welcoming and amazing, they worked very hard to make me break out of my shell!  It was definitely an amazing feeling.  The day came and it was time to go home.  I was rushing down to the car to be taken to the airport.  As I get into the car, I saw that there were 2 other Ladies, said hi.  Staci from 7 on a Shoestring introduced herself and we all started chatting.   The conversation to the airport was a bit fun/weird/funny.  I can say that because Staci will completely understand 😉

As we arrived, we went to our terminal and Staci kind of took me in, she saw that I was like a scared little girl because I not only have a fear of flying, but I was shy and scared to fly alone lol.  Staci asked to see my ticket and with a smile brought to my attention that we were sitting next to each other on the plane.  Our plane was heading to Texas, where I was going to hop on another plane and go to NY, Staci being from Texas was well… going to stay there duh!  😉

We sat on the plane and immediately started talking about this amazing community we were a part of, Collective Bias, then suddenly putting face to blog was great!  We chatted non stop until we arrived to Texas!  Having seen the news before departing in San Diego, we were joking that I was going to be stranded in Texas because of the #snowpocalypse2011.  Like a good girl I turned my phone off as I boarded our plane, not knowing I was about to miss several calls telling me my connecting flight to NY was cancelled due to the storm; to head back to the hotel!   Needless to say, we arrived in Texas and I said bye to Staci, who for her outstanding and wonderful stubbornness decided to wait until I confirmed my flight to NY.  As I turn on my phone and hear the voice mails, we saw the board of cancelled flights, I started tearing up.  What was I going to do?!?!?
My voice mail from the Honda representative said to stay in a hotel on their account, marvelous right?!?!  Well Staci wasn’t having that.  She stayed there and made sure my next flight was booked for the next day, and told me to walk with her.  I kept trying to insist that I would be okay and for her to go home, at the exit gate her Family was there.  It was so sweet to see them all greeting Staci with such love.  Then without even a second thought, she says
“guys this is my friend Lily, I met her at the Honda event, she’s coming home with us.”  Yes, just like that!  Colby her wonderful husband from Family Tech Reviews said hello and tried to take my bags.  Without even questioning who this stray lady was 😉

I was SO shy, and felt like such a burden, immediately her Parents George and Bertha introduced themselves and in the van we all went.  The drive to Staci’s house was nothing close to strange, it felt like I knew them all for years!  As we approached her beautiful home, the 2 older kids ran out to greet Mom.  You know that weird look teens give you when they don’t really know who you are?  no, that’s not what I got 😉  it was more of “umm, Mom, why is there an extra lady here?”  LOL
Staci introduced me to the kids, and they were SO welcoming and sweet!  In the house we all went, sat around the living room like Family and chatted and chatted.  Then during the conversation I mentioned how unhappy I was that there was NO Mexican food I had found in NY, guess what?!

Staci announced that were were going out for Mexican!!!!  Not only did the entire Family go out to dinner, but they took me to their favorite Mexican Restaurant!  It was one of the best meals I had in a LONG time, not just because of the food, but also because I was with Family 😉

The entire Salazar Family adopted me, after dinner we went home where we all hung around and chatted til the wee hours of the morning 😉  Chey willingly gave up her bed so I could sleep there, who does that for a stranger?!?!?!  They do 😉

The next morning, when it was time to go back to the airport, which if I remember correctly was a 40 min. drive each way, without hesitation we were on our way.  We had our first tiff, they wouldn’t even let me pitch in for gas!  the nerve right?!?  😉
Since that day, Staci and the entire Salazar Family has continued to be in our lives, with emails, texts, and Prayers.   Anything I need, they are there for us, ALL OF US, as I will always be there for them, ALL OF THEM 😉 

I am grateful to have met Staci, since the plane ride she said to me “God knows why he does the things he does, we were supposed to meet, he has plans for us”
I will always be thankful for not only giving me a smile, laughs, hugs (even though she isn’t the hugging type and I am), a place to sleep, but for the friendship and new Family that she gave me.  Without hesitation Staci’s heart has always been in front of her, and that is why I Mominate her for the Good Call IG1 post.  Never had I met someone so giving, I mean really; to invite a stranger to your house!?!?!  😉  I’m glad she did!!!!

Needless to say I am Mominating Staci as the bestest friend ever!!! Not only does she home school, raise 5 kids, but works full time as an amazing Blogger that I admire, I don’t even have to mention that she is a loving Wife and Daughter but I will, I ‘ve seen this all first hand 😉

I love you Staci 😉 xoxo

want to hear something funny?  After making it back to NY, Staci texted me.  Remember that look of wonder the teens had when they first saw me?  Wyatt said to Staci “Mom, when I first saw you all walk up, I thought Honda sent you home with a housekeeper”  LOL!!!!!!!!  I apparently looked like the iconic housekeeper 😉 xoxo

Do you have a friend that makes you want to tell the world about them?  Tell me, I would LOVE to read 😉

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