That’s right, I said free die cut business cards from UPrinting.  I know that you have seen the typical rectangular business cards that everyone carries, I’m guilty of having those as well, but not for long 😉
I am here to tell you about UPrinting’s awesome line of die cut business cards!

They have different shapes to help you stand out, as you should!!!
The card shapes available are:
Rounded Corners, Leaf, Rounded One-Corner, Half-Circle Side, Circle
So not only will you have fun being different, you will know that in a pile of rectangular business cards, yours will “pop out” and scream “pick me up!!”   Weather for business, call cards, Mommy cards, or for us Bloggers, UPrinting has the upper-hand on originality and creativeness 😉
As Bloggers, we know that difference and uniqueness can be the difference in being chosen for a project right?
Well UPrinting is making sure they take care of their bloggers, and is offering 250 free die cut bu
siness cards to one of my readers (starting at $69!!!!)
So check out their entire line of Business cards, I am sure that you will fall in love with your newly designed cards as well as I have 😉

Giveaway closed,
Winner by is #1 “stuff could always be worst”