Hello my BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS, I owe u all an explanation….

As many of you know, I have been having computer problems and depression issues(on my other blog)  as well lately, lol.
Well here’s the deal, I have thought long and hard about how to even announce this, because it is so hard for me, but as my friends you are entitled to know;
am I making a long story longer? lol

Well, as it will not affect any of you 99% of the time, it might only be big news to me,lol…
OK, OK, no more prolonging it, lol….

We found out last week that our stay in San Diego, California will be coming to an end 🙁
 My Hubby’s Military Career will be sending us to the East Coast 🙁

Hubby is originally from NY, I am from Cali and have been here all my life.  For the last 11 years of Marriage I have thrown fits, and begged for hubby to continue to get orders in this City, because I never wanted to leave, but as I have heard, ALL good things must come to an end 🙁

His new orders will have us move to the East Coast, exact destination is still unknown, regardless of where it is, I am so sad.
I have been dealing with depression for a very long time, and though I always knew that our stay here was never permanent, the fact of seeing it on paperwork hit me harder than a 5 ton truck 🙁

All week I stayed in bed, sleeping, crying, and almost everything ending with “ing” that relates to sad, lol.  It has hit me so hard, I know he is happy about going “back home” and I know that he is sad to see me sad as well, but all I keep thinking about is me and the kids.  I know they will adjust quickly, as many kids do; in addition being closer to their grandparents will be even better for them, I guess I go back to me, lol.

I am so incredibly sad, I feel lost, like I lost hope, empty, I don’t want to leave, though I know I have a choice, it’s not one I want to make.  I DON’T buy xanax no prescription reviews WANT TO GO 🙁

I know that I have NEVER written a sad post on here(that’s what my other blog is for, lol), but I have made sure I ALWAYS have been honest and open about our lives, so this is why I chose to talk about it.

Being a Military Family is SOOOOOOO hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I sound like a big baby, and I agree as well, because I know MANY Families that have moved so many times, but this is MY FIRST TIME, being forced to move from the only City I have known all my life, clear across to the other side of the country!!! 

We just moved to this house in June, WE LOVE the backyard!!!

I Finally have made friends here,

The support from the friends I have met through blogging (#jammyjam)
, the places I visit, my history, memories, and even though we don’t speak I do not want to move away from my Family 🙁

I guess this opens up so many other subjects, of which I will post about separately to be detailed.
One good thing I guess is hubby knows how much I LOVE adventures, so to make me excited about the move, lol, he promised we could do a cross country trip, sounds fun, but I’m still sad, lol.

other subjects I will be posting about:

  • my Nomination for the InfluenceSD award has been fixed, I am nominated and running for Blog of the year in San Diego, instead of running for Lifestyle 😉  So please be so kind to vote for me if you think I am worthy of it 😉  one vote per i.p address, if you vote more than once, it takes a point away, but you can click again and put the point back, lol (click green arrow next to pic to vote)
  • I am attending BlogHer ’10 😉  I will be looking for sponsors to brag about 😉
  • So many updates I have been neglecting due to the dumb computer, lol
  • SO MANY great reviews and giveaways that I know you will love!!!!
  • My Hubby’s answer to my depression 

and many more things 😉
I hope you all have a wonderful day 😉

17 thoughts on “Hello my BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS, I owe u all an explanation….”

  1. I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time…I will miss your posts…I don’t know of anything to say but the usual bits of “wisdom” this too shall pass, the pain only lasts a short time, you will make new friends…you will grow to love it there! None of these do the job, just know you are going to be missed..you are an important part of “blogger world” and your blogging friends will miss you..I too have dealt with depression and all I can say is see your Doctor and if you are a pray-er …pray God is the one I go to when all else fails…keep your chin up sweetie!

  2. Sweetie I am so sorry you are going through this terrible time..I hope that you have someone to talk to face to face that can hold you up and walk you through this. Just know your blogging friends are with you, I will keep you in my prayers..I too have dealt with depression and all I can say is PRAY God is the ultimate healer…also see your doctor..don’t do nothing!

  3. That probably has got to be the hardest thing. I know you may not think this way but you may end up loving it. It’s hard to leave family for sure. You have all of us here to help you get through it. 🙂

  4. Oh Lily I am so sorry. I really don’t know what to say, except it might not be as bad as you think. The East Coast is wonderful, I live there, how bad can it be LOL. It is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

  5. Lily its understandable, we become so used to the way we live it breaks your heart when change is due, however on the plus side, u may eventually feel the same when you move to your new home, life does bring challenges, but I am sure the strength within the family unit will hold, as for griping on your blog, I have never thought that way, how else do we express feelings, nothing better than writing and expressing ourselves, you know we are always here no matter were u go xx

  6. I can’t imagine moving all the way across the country!

    When the time comes, I will welcome your family to the East Coast with open arms!

  7. Aww I’m sorry you’re so sad about moving 🙁 Sending you positive thoughts, best wishes and a big ol’ friendly virtual HUG!

  8. Hey girl… Hang in there… I know how you feel.. we’ve been living here for 10+ years, and hubby just got orders north.. not to mention… we’re supposed to be there in MAY, and his bum was deployed to Haiti the day after the quake, and they have NO return date.. JOY.. sooo I’m here with 2 yr old twins trying to get a house together to sell or rent.. lol.. GO NAVY!!! lol..

  9. I am a new follower if you find time please stop by my blog. I hope all works out for you and gets a bit easier

  10. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a military wife. A positive, though, because it sounds like you can use one, is that your bloggy family follows you any and everywhere you go. I know it isn’t quite the same, but at least it will be a little bit of consistency for you! I found you on FF, and I am now following you, through the move and all! hugs

  11. It is soooo hard to give up something you love.I hope you find a stronger love for wherever you are going.I hope your sadness quickly turns to excitement for new friends,and new beginnings.Get out of bed girl, go make some sunshine lol.

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