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A very quick update, lol.  So I have been struggling with my computer as many of you know, so that explains part of my absence lol.

The other thing is that if you remember from my previous posts, the news of having to  do a “Military Move” due to orders from Cali to the East Coast, has sent me into an even worst depression than I already was in πŸ™  In my Hubby’s own way, he has been trying to make me smile and be happy, he took a few weeks of “Leave” (vacation in Military terms) so he has been home with me and Anthony (4 yr old
while everyone else is in school πŸ˜‰
 This does help, I guess, because it keeps me from being home alone, which if you remember from before, I even did a week in bed because I was just so severely depressed, I just have not completely come to grasps with the whole move thing, but I guess I will have no choice in the near future, lol.

This takes me back to the hubby trying to make me smile subject, lol. 
The entire last 2 weeks, he has “made” me get out of bed, and gotten me out of the house as soon as I am dressed, lol.  He has taken me shopping everyday, even if it’s just for lunch and a window shopping trip, lol.
I do complain about leaving the house, and I know I should be happy that I get “made” to go shopping, lol, but a huge part of me just can’t stop thinking about how sad I am about the whole situation.

I will post later about the gifts he got me the mornings he snuck out of the house while I was asleep, lol

I thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL comments you all have left me, they have made me feel so loved, thank you πŸ˜‰

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