Tag, you’re it! (Tuesday’s means new list!!!)

Yay, we got through our 5th week of Tag 😉
It was fun, I appreciate everyone who played along  😉

If you don’t know what “Tag, you’re it!” is,
or read below for instructions
“Tag, you’re it” or “Tag Tuesday” is simply put, 
a game of Tag 😉 
You “Tag” your new friends and they “Tag” you as well.
(instead of leaving “following from…” comments which is what prompted me to start “Tag”
since I heard many friends say they didn’t like how impersonal that sounded)
The Special “quality” about “Tag, you’re it” is that through this game,
you can post the url’s to 
your blog, twitter, facebook, networkedblogs, Etsy store, links to voting pages that you are in, contest/giveaway pages and anywhere else you want followers in 😉

Today is Tuesday, New blank list goes up, 

Remember “Tag, you’re it” is open throughout the entire week, so feel free to continue to check it and “Tag” new friends

The Rules to playing “Tag, you’re it” are simple:
  • add your information to the spreadsheet 
  • “Tag” everyone else above you on the list
  • Check back regularly to “Tag” new friends below you
  • “Tag” back everyone who has “Tagged” you
  • One thing I do have to bring up, PLEASE be kind and do not erase or change peoples information, I occasionally have time to look & fix url’s but not often lately 🙁
Here is the Spreadsheet

I added new spaces on the Spreadsheet for you to enter Url’s if you need votes for something and 3 rows for you to enter giveaways as well 😉
Also, if you can, pls help promote the word out 😉
The more people know about Tag Tuesday, 
the more people will Tag you 😉
here is the link to this page:
 I included the link in case you want to post on twitter or anywhere else & need a shorter link 😉

A BIG thank you goes out to
Stacie at Simply Stacie for helping promote “Tag”
If you posted about “Tag”, pls send me a comment and I will post your url here 😉
and just in case you really have to have a button 😉  
my daughter is showing off her skills:

Our 1st,2nd & 3rd weeks we had 17 players,
our 4th & 5th
week we had 48 players, Woo-hooo 😉
let’s see if we can double that this week 😉

(I did hear and notice that many people are not “Tagging” back, we are going by the honor system, so please “Tag & be Tagged” lol)

23 thoughts on “Tag, you’re it! (Tuesday’s means new list!!!)”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful comments,
    you are beautiful person,
    you deserve to be happy, strong, and healthy…

    cheer up, live your life in brighter light.

  2. Just added your button to my page! We have a son that is in the Navy, too. Husband served 12 years in the Navy, also. So we have some things in common! 🙂

  3. hi happy follow friday. I have enjoyed reading around here and have followed you.

    We are just becoming a military family. I am bit nervous.

    Have a great weekends

  4. i just went into the spreadsheet and i was person number 38 on there and you said you had over 40 members playing tag. i am a little confused as to where the others have gone to as i didn’t do anything to the spreadsheet.

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