well i fell asleep last night with my kidney pain and an oncoming migraine. only to be dissapointedly woken up by will who said
“hunny, hurry wake up, i have to be at work before 6am”
i can never function without my pepsi in the morning, and i haven’t had one in almost 3 morning. i’ve been a mess!!i came home and joshua had the girls up and dressed for school, only to find out they both had the sniffles and were too warm for my comfort. so off to bed they went. i was able to lay down for a bit.

i made shure i kept tabs on will, as far as trying to get off of work early (early of course means before 7pm), we had dinner plans like we do every tuesday. he told me to pick him up at 6pm, and we made it a little late downtown, but we made it.
it was funny, diflucan online prescription information because the girls made such a yukky face at the polynesan chicken, but once they tasted it, we all loved it!!! lol
after they were done, kiera went to ask one of the servers how they made the chicken so she can make it at home. they thought it was cute, that they brought the cook out, he gave the girls and will a tour of the kitchen and told kiear how to make it. he told her that next time he went he would have the recipe for her. she was so exited.

will was sniffling through the whole dinner, and came home and fell asleep halfway on the floor and couch. lol
he’s tough, but when he’s sick, oh my goodness, he’s the biggest baby, lol. mom says his dad is the same way. funny thing, i have seen dad with a cold, and yes, they act the same, ha ha ha
i love you dad.