Attending an advanced screening of Cars 2… #Cars2

Last Friday our Family had the privileged of being invited to an advanced screening of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 in 3D.
and yes we were SO excited, we got to see the movie before the the swanky people from the Hollywood premier ((giggles))  Major Happy dance!!!

The movie was absolutely fun!  It was well worth the long wait.  The graphics were amazing.  Tokyo, Paris, Radiator Springs, and all the international espionage that goes on during all of that travel just had my kids on the edge of their seats!!!
My 5 year old son who just loves to talk during EVERY movie, did not say a word during the entire thing!

About the movie, NO SPOILERS; I promise!
Mater who we all love, get’s mistaken for an international spy and it’s a non-stop race for both Mater and McQueen during the First ever World Grand Prix.  Mater’s costumes during the middle of the movie are hilarious!  Ever heard of “Mater-hosen?” LOL!!!

Here are some of the adorable new cars and cameos:

 Master British super spy Finn McMissle has a voice like Michael Caine 😉
Spy in training Holley Shiftwell sounds like Emily mortimer
 The Queen!
Jeff Gorvette sounds a lot like Jeff Gordon 😉
Lewis Hamilton sounds and IS Lewis Hamilton!!! 😉
The 3D added to the experience, it was truly one of the best movies we have seen in a long time 😉
From our Family Cars 2 gets 16 thumbs up!!!! 😉
Want some extra fun facts to look for?
  • In this movie McQueen no longer has sticker headlights, he has the real deal!
  • The tires on McQueen are “LightYear” brand, relating it to “Buzz” from Toy Story
  • As another reference to Toy Story, McQueen’s #95 is for1995; the year Toy Story was released
  • In Toy Story 3, you can see a poster with Finn McMissle in Andy’s room
  • John Lasetter and wife were told in a trip to Paris that when you cross the Pont Des Arts, couples are supposed to kiss.  It’s adorable to see it in Cars 2 😉
  • Another thing about Pont Des Arts is that it has a long time custom where couples attach padlocks to the rails and throw the key in the river, sealing their love.  Look at the railings in the movie, you will see locks 😉
Hope you all enjoyed my review, I tried so hard to not spoil the movie 😉
My Family received passes to a special advanced screening of Cars 2, on 6/17, all opinions and ideas are my own

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  1. We are super excited to see it! Thanks for the great review! Knowing that your 5 yr old sat through it without a word makes me feel a little more at ease with taking MY 5 yr old to see it! 😉

  2. This is such a great review of the movie! i have been looking on google for reviews and yours by far has been the most amazing, i love the fun facts you added at the end!

  3. This movie was awesome. But i’m a big kid at heart you know. It was great that we had this opportunity. Can’t wait for the next one…

  4. hi, stopping by to follow you! I follow you on twitter/fb and gfc brag all about it 😉

  5. love your review, we went today to see the movie and it was so much fun looking for the little fun facts that you posted. thanks for a great post girl!

  6. Wish I could borrow a little one to go see it….wait, can I borrow one of yours? I miss having young children around, somehow my 28 year old just doesn’t do the same things with me that he used to.

    Love the review!!!

  7. lol 😉 Zippy, feel free to borrow one or all 😉

    you are only obligated to return my 5yo, he’s the cuddler 😉

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