I have been keeping you up with what’s been happening with my grandfather this last week, so logically as soon as I got my details together, I had to share with you…

Last night the Doctor came and asked to speak with me, the Granddaughter.   He told me that after checking the
CAT scans for the entire week, he noticed that the brain hemorrhage has in fact continued at a noticeable rate.  Long story short; there are two options:
1. we choose surgery for him.  As with any surgery there are risks, with a surgery taking place in the “brain territory”, there is in fact more dangers.  The benefits would be that the hemorraging could be stopped.

2. we don’t choose surgery for him.  He would be able to go home as soon as his other issues are taken care of, and he is brought to the hospital once or twice a month to monitor the bleeding.  Bad thing is, that at any moment, the bleeding could turn into a dam and there would be no time to get to the hospital.

After explaining all of the pros and cons, he gave me the task of calling all of my 14 aunts and uncles and telling them everything.  On top of that, I had to have each one give me their opinion on the surgery.  That was such a hard thing to do.  I was the one that had to make the phone calls when my Grandmother went to the hospital and when she passed away.  I am begining to notice a pattern here :/

I got through speaking with each one, making sure I gave every piece of information and that I kept my own opinion to myself.  Having to tell them that this operation was a complete risk to his life, and that not operating was the same risk; it was just heart breaking.  Let me tell you something, my Father passed away when I was 5 years old.  He passed away from a brain hemorrage.  All I keep hearing from everyone that has come to visit my Grandfather is that MY Daddy passed away from this, and that they have to make sure their Father doesn’t pass away from the same thing.  I do understand of course that we must do what’s possible to get my Grandfather better, but to hear about my Father passing away is so hard!!!!! 

Ok well let me finish, so the surgery got accepted by all of his children and I met with the Doctor and gave him the news.  Monday we are supposed to have a final meeting to get all of the details in order for the surgery. 

the lab results came back at noon, and my Grandfather’s blood count is very low, in a matter of 2 hours, he was being prepared for a blood transfusion of 2 units.  Mind you that on Weds, he has 2 units as well.  sigh :/

Did we really think that would be all?  That things had finally gotten easy for us?  That all was left was brain surgery and we would be on our merry way???
I am begining to think that those kinds of endings are only in fairy tales :/

The Doctor in charge asked me to go out to the hallway with him today, told me he had some “news” to give me.  “hit me Doc” is what i told him, I knew in my heart it was not good…

It seems that my grandfather has contracted a very bad bacteria.  Yes, as if there were any good ones,lol. 
To tell you a little about it, it’s called “acinetobacter baumannii”
it is a species of pathogenic bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics. 
As a result of it’s resistance to antibiotics, some estimates state that it is killing tens of thousands of hospital patients in the United States.   There have been many reports of this bacteria among American Soldiers that were wounded in Iraq, earning it “Iraqibacter” 
This is a multi-drug resistant acinetobacter baumannii , for short: MDRAB. 

The entire room has been “cleaned” thoroughly, and we all have to wear gloves and disposable scrubs.  We have to take them off before we leave the room, and put on a new set every time before we enter.   They are not sure how he got it, but the lab is working on finding an antibiotic that works.  In the meantime, kids are not allowed to come visit, so now I have no idea when I will see my babies again.

I have gotten so many bad news today, especially with the bacteria, that my spirits are very low.  My hopes were high with the brain surgery, and now it’s been postponed until this issue is taken care of.  Hearing my Grandfather tell me all day that he just wants to quit, and give up, has just finally broke me down.  I am just so sad, broken.