I am a FINALIST for the Sony X10 Blogger Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Cover your ears, because I am about to scream…………..

It was about time that something made me smile right? 
Smile? Who am I kidding?!?!??
More like SCREAM, GRIN, GIGGLE, and just plain cry for a great reason 😉

What is all this fuss about? You ask?
So happy that you want to know, because I can’t wait to share with you and scream some more ;)…

First let me tell you why I needed something to smile about….
For those of you who frequent or don’t frequent my blog, this and last week have been a downward roller coaster of my Grandfather’s health, along with my sanity 😉  Of course it has been hard on the entire Family, all 14 of his kids, but since I have been the only one that has been by his bedside since last Monday night, I get bragging rights for loosing my mind this week, lol.  You guessed it, I have not left at all, OK, I did leave once for 1 1/2 hours while I went Downtown to The USO and took a quick shower.  My other shower was 2 days ago, I got permission to leave for 1 hour.  It was the first time I had seen my kids since last week. 
Do I hate living on the couch? YES! 
Am I exhausted from ONLY sleeping 3-4 hours out of every 24 hour period? YES!
Have I recovered from the first 45 hours of Trauma with absolutely no sleep or food for myself? NO!
Would I rather go home and leave my Grandfather alone in a cold lonely hospital? NO!!!!!!!
Not even a second thought about that last answer.  This is the Man that has helped raise me since my Father died when I was 4 yrs old. 
So needless to say, I was just waiting for ANY good news and boy did I get them!!!

The first form of good news was in an e-mail. 
The best e-mail I had gotten in a long time.  What it said as a whole is still a blur to me, (I credit the lifestyle I have led this last week, (giggles) ),  with a blurry mind, I remember reading:

Congratulations, you were among the 10 chosen finalists!

I was so happy and surprised, that I screamed with joy; and yes, I did wake up my grandpa because I read the e-mail while sitting on my couch, next to his bed 😉

What do you mean finalist for what?
Oh, I guess in my excitement I forgot to announce what I am a Finalist for right? 
Only for the most awesome contest ever!!!…

I entered The Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest. 
The entrants had to submit a 200 word post why they thought they would be a great blogger for Sony and Sony Ericsson.

Did I ever think I had any chance at all? Absolutely not!!!
I think I also told myself something along the lines of:
“you are so dumb for entering this contest, what are you thinking? You win a Blogger contest? Girl please, who are you kidding!?!??!?”

I had even gotten the contest out of my mind, never kept a bookmark in my brain for the day the finalists were going to be announced. 
WHOAH!!! was I surprised 😉

I am a Finalist for the Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest!!!!!!
Only 10 Finalists chosen 😉
C’mon, you know you want to scream with me!!!!!!!

Two days after sending in the required documents, I received the FIRST prize at my door.  Logically I wasn’t home to see it, but my husband got the package and called me.  I gave him permission to open it and then I heard:

“WOW I am SO jealous!!”  You got a Sony X10 in the mail?!?! It’s not even out yet!!!”
(let me tell you, that having my hubby be jealous of me is priceless!!!)  😉

You have got to be kidding me, really?  I guess now that I think back, somewhere after telling me that I was a Finalist, it said that I had won a Sony Ericsson X10 phone.
Have you seen this baby?!?  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!
In my humble opinion, it’s the best phone NOT out there (giggles)
  iwhat? (evil grin)
Look at the beauty…

The pictures do it no justice, let me tell you.  It’s not just the looks either, the features of this phone make me giggle like a little girl 😉

I never imagined that I would have even the slightest chance of being a Finalist!  That’s the truth.  Me, a blogger chosen by Sony? Yeah right!!!
Not me… or so I thought!!! 😉
Go ahead, go to the Contest page, be shocked for me 😉 

I told my Grandpa about the contest, the prizes and the Grand Prize, he smiled 😉  That was such a huge reaction for him. 
I will definitely be blogging more about the details and other prizes, stay tuned, and if you think I deserve to be here, show me some love and help spread the word for me 😉
The Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest

Did you really think I was going to let you go without giving you the specs of the most awesome phone I have EVER laid in my hands?!?!?!

Awesome Memory: Phone memory 1GB microSD up to 16GB, 8GB included

The entire phone ONLY weighs 4.8 ounces!!!

If I tell you about all the awesome specs this post will never finish,lol.  I will be back and dedicate an entire post for that.
I am so happy!!! 
I hope that you are happy for me 😉
I know my Grandfather is happy for me, and happy for what the contest means to me, I saw it in his smile 😉
“Sony provided me with a free Sony Ericsson X10 phone and a PSPgoFIFA Soccer 10 game in connection with my participation in the Sony Ericsson/Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest, which requires me to blog about Sony and/or Sony Ericsson Products.”

35 thoughts on “I am a FINALIST for the Sony X10 Blogger Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)”

  1. Hi,
    my name is Richard. My father is a patient next door to your Grandfather, I got the link from one of the nurses.
    I just want you to know that your story is very inspirational.
    Congratulations on being a finalist for Sony, of all places.

  2. Congratulations sweetheart, you deserve it.

    You have won my heart over as a writer and as the best finalist for the contest.

  3. hey girlie,
    this is sheryl’s daughter, you have seen me visit my gramps a few times, i am the one with the hyper 2 year old, lol.

    Congratulations on becoming a finalist for sony, omg, that is awesome!!!

    mom and dad have told the entire family to come and read your posts and leave comments, they want you to win.
    expect the entire family here, lol.

  4. u seen me around,i am jackies boyfriend.
    jackie told me to check out your posts.

    congrats on being a finalist for sony, that’s big!

  5. you should see this, my moms laptop is open to your pages and as we come in to visit my grandpa, she tells us to read your posts and comment, lol!!

    congrats on becoming a finalist for sony, omg that is awesome!

  6. Hi,
    I am Richard’s brother. I came to visit my Father and I was told about your story, and your goal.

    I hope that you are able to take your Grandfather to Africa, that he is able to attend FIFA, which is completely wonderful.

    Congratulations on being a finalist for Sony. That in itself is a huge accomplishment.

    I hope that the Judges see that a blogger is determined by the amount of passion he/she uses to write an article, and promote it, not by the amount of “friends” one has.

    You deserve to be a finalist, and in my eyes, and from reading the other finalists blogs, you have the heart to be the blogger for Sony.

  7. I was next in line after my husband Charles, hi sweetie,
    oh my goodness congratulations on becoming a finalist for Sony!
    That is such great news!
    That is big!

    From hearing all the talk about you, you truly deserve to be the finalist, and in my opinion, and obviously that of my entire Family, is that you should also be the Grand Prize winner.

    Congratulations again!

  8. im james,
    my grampa is staying next to your grampa, congrats on being a finalist!

    that phone is sweet, i hadn’t heard anything about it,but i think i want it now.

  9. HI HUN,




  10. congratulations hunny!!

    that is so exciting!!
    my sister sarah told me to check out your posts, and I am excited for you, sony is huge!!

  11. Hi sweetie,
    I am Mrs. H, my Husband is next door to you and your Grandfather. My children asked me to read your posts, and I am glad I did.

    Congratulations on becoming a Finalist for a Sony contest, that is very big news!

    I am very happy happy for you and I do hope you are able to become the blogger for Sony.

  12. It’s me again the anonymous writer. I wish that I could tell you my name, but I do not want to take from your writings by creating a buzz about who I am.

    Just know that I am very amused by your style and your passion.

    Choosing you as a finalist was a good move by Sony, but it would be the best move if they were to choose you as their blogger.

    Congratulations and know that I am proud of your writing skills and your passion.

    Love & Peace

  13. congratulations missy,
    i have been following the thread to #sendmommy2fifa, the support is amazing, I think what it is, is that people think that retweeting and forwarding will do the trick, they need to fully read to understand that support is what you need, encouragment!

    I wish you the best of luck, though I am very proud of you, just from reading the inmense support you have aquired from twitter alone. ~smile!

  14. Thank you to everyone that has supported me in this adventure. Thank you so much for believing in me and for still being here for us 😉

  15. aw, thank you “twitter follower”, if I had your name I would send you a shout out through twitter 😉

    Thank you though!!!

  16. i had to come see what all the buzz is about in twitter.
    I see tweets all over my timeline for #sendmommy2fifa.

    now I see, lol congratulations, that is a very big deal!

  17. we received your link from a lady in our church on sunday. she asked us all to pray for your family and to read your posts. she has faith in you for winning this contest. congratulations on being a finalist for sony,we look forward to hearing about you winning.

  18. Congratulations! This is the funny post Mrs. Marsha spoke to us about. It is very big news to be a finalist for a Sony contest!

  19. i thought the picture of the baby was cute, and the screams were such a show of the dedicated blogger that you are. goodluck

  20. Thank you very much Charles, I wish I had her name so I could thank her, please pass on my biggest thanks to her as well;)

  21. you sure are creating a buzz on twitter little lady, you have everyone looking up your link, following the hashtag, and cheering for you.
    best of luck to you

  22. this indeed is a happy moment!

    a finalist for a sony blogger contest, i dont have a blog or twitter account, i actually got your link from mrs. marsha, but i am here to encourage and support you.

  23. this is exactly why i was saying that you deserve to be the blogger for sony, i practically see you on here 24 hours a day always promoting your blog, way before you became a finalist for sony.
    of all people you deserve this spot on the sony blog!

  24. Me too!
    i always follow your blog, and i see you on twitter and facebook all the time, I completely understand that because you have been so busy in the hospital with your grandfather you have not blogged and promoted like you normally do.

    I hope that the judges are able to see what a great blogger you are, and an asset to sony. you are funny, intriguing and honest above all things. your family is amazing and your husbands service is apopreciated. we are all cheering for you!

  25. I am on here to tell you that I believe, along with everyone else, that you should be the next Sony blogger.

    You are completely dedicated to your blog and your family, which is what Sony needs. They need a dedicated mother of 6, a military wife and a woman who has a stron love for her autistic child, they need you!

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