Making tummy time fun with Infantino…

Baby products.  Do you feel the same way I did when I heard those two words?  Weather I am looking for toys for my babies or for gifts, I always had the same reaction… stress.  The fact that I had to research the items, open them to make sure they were safe enough for my standards, and also that they were fun and fun looking; was such a daunting task!

As an Infantino Test Drive Mom I was sent a Right Angle Tummy Triangle to test out
It arrived and logically I read up on it before we let the baby at it 😉   It was developed with the help of Occupational Therapists so it told me that this wasn’t just a fun toy with nothing else behind it. 

It has an incline designed to help the baby build upper body strength and help with balance as well.  The portable musical remote was an extra incentive for the little one, she keeps trying to push herself to grab it and with three different settings she will never get bored of the same song.   She loves looking at herself in the mirror and the crinkling busy bee is her favorite buddy.  The toy bar has three different levels; flat on the floor, mid-air, and upright so it can adjust as the baby grows. 
Bonuses? The fabric is removable and machine washable AND it was very easy to assemble 😉

I enjoyed spending time with the baby, the giggles are priceless; so I KNOW she enjoyed it as well.

To find your own Right Angle Tummy Triangle you have to look no further than online if you are as short on time as I am, available at Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Making tummy time fun with Infantino…”

  1. ha! i am glad she liked this toy, i remember the hard times we had putting the other little ones on pillows while on their tummy so they wouldnt lay on their backs all the time and have flat heads.

  2. at least being at an angle like that would let then look around at more than just the ceiling!

  3. Cute! My first hated tummy time but my second was okay with it and my third loves it! I’ve used a rolled up towel to help reluctant tummy-time babies in the past.

  4. I don’t remember many of those times you guys are takling about since I was deployed for the majority of their lives, I guess I will go through it with the grandchildren, NOT ANY TIME SOON BTW!!!

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