Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries


These Mickey Mouse chocolate covered strawberries are cute and yummy!  This would be perfect for a themed birthday party, Baby Shower, or for no other reason at all; than to enjoy them.( that is our usual reasoning)

It is no secret that our Family is a huge collaboration of Disney fans, from us (the Parents, to the Baby of the Family); so including Disney in our treats should not come as a surprise.  Disney is a constant in our lives.

One of my favorite things about this treat is that it’s so easy that you can let the kids fill themselves with pride as you give them this job!


Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries


18 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries”

  1. I make chocolate covered strawberries all the time. I love the Mickey Mouse design fabulous !!

  2. Those are simple, yet so cute. And I love how they are actually not bad for you. Great job!

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