Mrs. Prindable’s Triple chocolate caramel covered apple…YUM!

Are you often at a loss for ideas and especially time when the calendar shows you someone’s special occasion?  I know that for myself I usually run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find a gift and make it to the post office all by closing time.  I was asked if I wanted to review a Mrs. Prindable’s gourmet apple.

I was excited, since I had never tasted a caramel apple before, let alone a chocolate covered caramel apple! 
The post man rang our doorbell, and the kids ran like my own personal greeters.  I was given this nice sized heavy box, so I knew it couldn’t be an apple!  We opened the cardboard box and inside was a styrofoam cooler.  OH! how the curiosity was growing now!  Then the kids opened the cooler and inside was a bag with dry ice packs inside.  At the bottom you see a big purple box, so I get to open that; inside? bubble wrap with something heavy inside.  After we unrolled the last part, we see this beautiful BIG chocolate covered caramel apple. 

I can describe the packaging very well, but I can not describe the taste to you at all!  It was delicious!!!!
It was a complete fest of flavors, the apple, the caramel, the milk chocolate, the white chocolate, WOW!
Look at the size difference between a regular apple and Mrs. Prindables’ apples:

Visit Mrs. Prindable’s website and see the delicious items for sale.  You have to go no further than your desk to be able to send someone the perfect gift!  I am definitely a customer now, and can’t wait to try the other flavors!

All opinions and excitement is my own, I received a Mrs. Prindable’s triple chocolate covered caramel apple for review.

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