Today we had a very hot day here in San Diego, Ca.  The weather was that of a perfect California day, for the summer!!!  It was a whopping 87 degrees!  While it was perfect for the Holiday party we attended at Boomers, it was in no way going to work out for my Girl’s night tonight with some Cold Stone Creamery hot cocoa.; or so I thought 😉

By the time it was time to go home, it was chili and perfect for my night’s plans.  Of course being at the top of a Ferris wheel didn’t influence that at all!  We stopped by and picked up some Cold Stone Creamery hot cocoa.  My Walmart carries all 4 kinds!!!  Since we are moving out in a few weeks, I thought it would be nice to get together for a while.  Even the kids helped set up everything.

We tasted the different flavors and added some of the toppings the kids left out for us.  Towards the end of the evening, the kids suggested we play the chore game.  It’s a game we play where we hide a piece of candy in a drink or dessert, or a bay leaf in the food.  Whoever finds the item in the food either does the dishes or something of the sort.  My friends were excited to play and even chose the candy to be used, as well as choosing what the winner/looser gets.  Red gumdrop means you wash the mugs.  White gumdrop means you have the next Cold Stone hot cocoa night at your house.  We all stepped out of the dinning room and the boys put the red gumdrop in someone’s mug; next it was the girls turn.  When we were done with our drinks it was time to find the winners/loosers.  It was so much fun to see who won/lost.
Look at the whrrl to see our story, and to see who’s washing dishes and who’s hosting our next Girl’s night, it had a super funny twist.


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Have you tried any of the 4 flavors of Cold Stone Cremery hot cocoa?  if so, which ones?  Do you have any special ways you and your Family drink it?

All ideas and opinions are my own, Collective Bias sponsored my shop, and even the kids had a wonderful time.