On a Mission to save my Marriage ;)

Well I may not be talking about all those little things like infidelity or gambling, or even the extreme love of all things sports, I am talking about the REAL bad issue, the one issue that has had me steps away from filing for divorce….

My Husband’s snoring!!!!
I have lived like this for 12 years, and let me tell you a crying newborn is music to my ears compared to my chainsaw driving Husband.   I can not tell you how many hours I have lost of sleep because if this, I had tried many things, but nothing has worked so far.  I even tried ear plugs that airport workers use, but they hurt!
I found “Pretty in Pink” Women’s ear plugs, they worked wonders!!!
Here is my whrrl story…
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Thankful to say that I know I will stay Married to the same lucky man for many more years 😉

9 thoughts on “On a Mission to save my Marriage ;)”

  1. Before he gets out, make sure he gets in and gets tested for sleep apnea, and that will get him a higher percentage of disability, and will get you some peace and quiet!!!

  2. your post was too cute. I love the way you always make them fun. There are too many drab blogs out there.
    Great Job and I can certainly relate to a snoring husband, mine has been like that for 35 years.

  3. Can I tell you when I bought my ear plugs it was the best thing I ever did. Not only does my husband snore, but working the night shift and trying to sleep during the day was too much of a challenge. The ear plugs keep me sane, and well rested.

  4. Love it!! I don’t have a snorer, however I do have what I like to call a ‘mouth breather.’ He doesn’t snore but makes these horrible noises, due to the fact that he believes he can’t get enough oxygen through his nose, lol. Thanks for a good laugh!

    I am following from TwitterMoms!

  5. Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

  6. I am talking about the REAL bad issue, the one issue that has had me steps away from filing for divorce.

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