I have a very active 11 year old daughter, she is in every sports team she can get herself into. 
With that being said read, deodorants are something of a frequent topic around here… and trust me; it’s NOT because I love talking about them 😉

She has tried just about every brand out there, even the extra strength stuff for grown women; and as you can imagine…
it’s not something I was happy about.

With everything being so full of things one can’t even pronounce, let alone know what it is without having a medical degree, it just is not something I liked.  I had the opportunity to try Crystal roll-on natural deodorant and I welcomed AND challenged it 😉

ever since she was little, she loves to be active

She used her normal deodorant for one week and we paid close attention to how it worked.  The next week she used crystal roll-on.  It was easy, simple, and had a light pleasant smell.  She used it a bit more the days she had her basketball practice, but all in all she liked it.  It wasn’t that white gunk that gets all over her clothes, and it wasn’t a gooey gel either.  You simply wet the crystal lightly and rub it on.  DONE!

She has been using it for almost 3 weeks now, and she likes it; it works, and that’s all that I needed to hear.  Of course her little sister, who is 9 years old, wants to do everything she does; and since she DOES need to use deodorant, she will be able to go shop for hers this week.
I had used Crystal roll on deodorant before and I DID like it.  I LOVE the fact that it does not just mask the odor, but it helps to PREVENT it!  On our road trip from California to New York it was accidentally lost in a hotel and the gas station did not have one, so I bought what was available.

Did you know that the Crystal roll on deodorant lasts for up 12 months of daily use?
Have you tried it?  Did you like it or not?
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