The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese!

When you think of childhood birthday parties, what comes to mind?  For most of us, we think about balloons and clowns and lots of goodies.  I would be willing to bet too that for most of us, there is a specific location that comes to mind as well, the place that comes to mind for me is Chuck E. Cheese’s.  That’s for a good reason, Chuck E. Cheese’s is America’s number one place for birthdays and has been for a long time.  I would be willing to be that many of us remember our visits from our childhood, or at the very least, the fun commercials that used to come on TV.   In fact, Chuck E. Cheese is celebrating their 40th Birthday this year and they want you to celebrate your child’s birthday along with them.

The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese!

Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese’s has great birthday party ideas for kids big and little?  We recently celebrated my daughter Lily’s 15th Birthday and my son Anthony’s 12th birthday and Chuck E. Cheese’s had awesome birthday party selections for them.  Lily had been asking for a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for over a year and my Husband and I were a little hesitant because we thought that the birthday parties at CEC were just for little kids, but we finally gave in after watching an older teen have her birthday party at our local Chuck E. Cheese.

The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese!

It made it easy to host quite a few children without having to worry about the space or cleanup.  Plus, the food was delicious for kids and adults alike.

The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese!

The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese!

The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese!

If you are trying to plan a birthday party for your child, Chuck E. Cheese’s likely has the perfect party for them.  Here are some of the party options:

Eat More Play More Package

The Eat More Play More package is geared towards children 8 and up. Package includes 3 slices of pizza per child.

Includes the Following:

  • 10 points/tokens more than Super Star (55 points/tokens in most locations)
  • 3 slices of pizza and drinks for each child.
  • 2 hours reserved table space
  • Ticket Blaster experience with a chance to catch the Magic Ticket
  • Party Server

The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese! Superstar party package

VIP Birthday Party

Reserve a VIP Party on Saturday or Sunday and get the whole party area to yourself at the earliest timeslot before the restaurant opens, for one hour!

New, Sweet Summer Birthday Promotion

he Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese! free cotton candyThroughout 9/30 all birthday parties with 12+ children get free cotton candy.

New Upgrades

In addition to their awesome party packages, Chuck E. Cheese’s has made some changes that may be a little bit different than the Chuck E. Cheese’s that you remember.  


Play Pass

he Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese! free cotton candy

Chuck E. Cheese’s is currently seeking to phase out tokens in favor of Play Pass.  With Play Pass you have a programmable card with game credits.  The card also enables the restaurant to offer discounts during certain times of the day or week, including “Unlimited Play” which is offered with the Mega Super Star birthday package.


Party Packages Upgrades

Their new party package upgrades include:

  • New cakes (buttercream frosting)
  • Ice cream, dippin’ dots, and Giant Warm Cookies
  • Bigger goodie bags with more toys – “The Super Goodie Bag”
  • New birthday party themes to choose from:
    • Party Like a Rock Star
    • Sports, Sports, Sports
    • Dressed in Pink Party
    • Chuck E. Super Fan


  • Easy online reservation system
  • Just bring yourself and birthday star – we will take care of the rest!
  • Server for your party will handle everything from order to clean-up
  • Custom email invitations

We had so much fun celebrating Lily’s and Anthony’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s and definitely recommend taking your celebration there too!  It is just as much, if not, more fun than you remember!

There is something very special I wanted to share, as a special needs Mom this was very important for me to tell.  During the online booking there is a section near the end for notes. I wrote a small note asking if there was any way that we could also get 1 table reserved away from the main party table as I had 2 children attending who have autism and 1 child with anxiety; who sometimes need to sit alone and decompress if things get to be too much for them. I was hoping that we would have the table, but I also have seen that Chuck E. Cheese’s be so full that every table is being used.

When we arrived, I was extremely surprised, Anthony (the store manager) had reserved the entire birthday area for our party.  He said he understood that the kids might need more space than 1 table, and we had the whole area to ourselves.
This meant the world to me!

The Best Birthday Parties Happen in Chuck E. Cheese! From age 0 to age 100, Chuck E. Cheese's is the best and easiest place to host a birthday party. Check out our Family's celebrations!

The attentiveness of the entire staff, from the food allergies to the safe spaces; it was the best birthday party I have ever hosted 😉
I literally only had 1 job, to show up, every single thing was taken care of, and all of the kids had so much fun, that we are already booking the birthday party for our 13 year old at Chuck E Cheese’s!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.