Hi! get comfy in your seat and let’s chat!!! πŸ˜‰

Some of you have been following me for a while, and some recently joined (Thank you for either by the way).  As I have almost daily conversations with some of my Blogging friends, there are some of you I have never spoken with or seen.
  I also know there are tons of things about you that I don’t know, but want too πŸ˜‰

I see it daily with everyday friends as I see it in the Blogosphere, there is too much separation.  Some people only hang out with certain groups, in certain places, and such.  One of the things I love so much about blogging is that at the end of the day, we can all be in our footsie pj’s and blog in the same way; about the same things.  Sadly I have encountered a lot of separation and it caused me to push away from certain people, blogs, and websites.  In my opinion if it’s not personal or engaging in a certain level, it’s not for me.  I didn’t come into the Blogging world to be commercial and robotic, I came here to share ME with the rest of the world, footsie pj’s and all πŸ˜‰

There are so many things I want to share and at times I feel I am screaming into the air and rethink everything I type. Why? because I feel we might not know each other that well for me to spill the beans as I tend to do ;D  Or that you might not really want to know me THAT much LOL.  Either way, I want to get more personal, friendlier, more acquainted.  Enough with the excess of space between us, after all; we’re all Bloggers, Friends, Women, Twitter buddies, Facebook friends, and anything else you want to throw into this sentence. ;D

Do you want to know things about me?  Anything you want me to know about you?  Am I bursting at the seams with stuff to tell?!? YES!! lol. 
For example, did you know that I am a Military Wife? have been for 13 years, and sadly it will end this year as we gear up to end “our career”.  After 6 deployments and a lot of tears, I am sure that the end will have more tears than all of the Deployments combined lol.  I’m not ready to end it, and neither is Hubby, but such is life; I will be sure to post as I live through it πŸ˜‰  Now for more about me:

  • did you know that I was absent for almost 3 months before this week?
  • That we will be moving across to the other side of the Country?
  • Have you figured out that I ALWAYS use “;)” ?
  • Did you know that a fellow “Mom Blogger” took advantage of me and stole $ from me?
  • (same woman joked on twitter about my husband having PTSD & almost taking his life)
  • Did you know that I drink up to 6 cans of Pepsi a day? (I know, I’m bad)  πŸ˜‰
  • That I have a small obsession with entering sweepstakes & contests?
  • That I have a crush on Danny Gokey? πŸ˜‰
  • That I almost lost my Husband due to PTSD?
  • I have 6 kids and I would have more if I could? πŸ˜‰
  • This year we had a Kindergarten & High School graduate on the same day
  • I’m older than my hubby by 3 years πŸ˜‰
  • I want to be a rockstar when I grow up!!!

So C’mon, let’s stop being so impersonal and let’s get chatting πŸ˜‰  Do you want to chat in the comments? through Twitter? Through my personal Facebook page? My Facebook fan page? Do you want to write a post/interview about yourself and your Blog?  To date the majority of my “chatting” has been done on Twitter, and I want to change that πŸ˜‰

Hope I’m not alone in feeling this way and you’ll join me in the “chitter-chatter”
“Y’all come back now ya hear?!” πŸ˜‰
Welcome to my fellow Military Wives πŸ˜‰