If you’re heading out to SeaLife Aquarium,
or just now are thinking about it after I jogged your memory ;),
check out their awesome children’s craft saturdays…


Trash to Treasure – Saturday Craft Activities in April

In celebration of Earth Month, SEA LIFE hosts an eco craft activity every Saturday in April. Help give new life to items that may have been headed to the landfill. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
4/10 (10am-4pm): Design your own Shadow Puppet Stage from cardboard boxes
4/14 (10am-4pm): Bring a jellyfish to life from an egg carton
4/24 (10am-4pm): Shark Puppets spring into action from plastic bags
Trash To Treasure craft activity included with admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium.

In our visits to SeaLife, there has NEVER been a single thing we didn’t love 😉