It’s “Shark Talk!!!!!”

Have you been to Sea Life Aquarium yet? yes, no, maybe so?
Have you been there lately???
I have the PERFECT reason for your entire Family to go now, ready?
This Spring, Sea Life Aquarium is in a “Shark Frenzy!”
“Sea Life Aquarium’s Shark Adventures”
Did you know that Sea Life Aquarium has the only Scalloped Hammerhead Shark in Southern California?  With a second one coming to join in on the fun very soon 😉
Cool right?

 This spring, SEA LIFE™ Carlsbad becomes the only Aquarium in Southern California to feature scalloped hammerhead sharks as two young sharks move in for “The Daily Dive,” part of SHARKS! a series of three new shows focusing on these mysterious creatures. The family Aquarium is also adding “The Shark and Ray Show” and “Shark Talk,” a hilarious and engaging puppet show.

In “Honor” of the new arrival to The Lost City of Atlantis, there is an awesome puppet show called…
“Shark Talk”
Starring Hammy the Hammerhead Shark, along with Hermit the Crab,
“with no relation to the green guy” lol You have to be there to understand, lol
My Family was SO happy to attend Sea Life Aquarium and see what “Shark Talk” is all about.
Let me tell you about this interactive puppet show…
Hermit the Crab, Hammy the Hammerhead and the Octopus, who’s name for the life of me, I can not remember, are just hilarious.
Throughout the puppet show, they are teaching the children facts about Sharks, they have a “T.V interview” with callers from the oceans, A LOT OF HUMOR, and a great segment of the show is dedicated to the children being able to ask any and all questions they can think of.
During the “Shark Talk” puppet show, my children learned…
  1. Scalloped Hammerhead Shark babies are called “pups”
  2. Scalloped Hammerhead Shark can grow up to be up to 12 feet long
  3. the odd shape of the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark’s head, allows it to have 360 degree vision
  4. The most important thing they learned was that though sharks are ALWAYS portrayed as man eating and terrible animals, with Jaws being Hammy’s mother -in-law:) ; most sharks will not go close to humans.  As with dogs, the sense of danger to itself, can lead the shark to react in a self defending mode…
The Daily Dive is another GREAT feature of “The Shark Adventures”.
Though we caught only the last bit of the show, the kids still loved the fact that there was a scuba diver talking to them through a microphone.

These unique sharks will be the stars of the new “Daily Dive Show”, an interactive underwater dive show which takes place in the Shipwreck Gallery where guests help an exploration diver uncover the secrets of the Lost City of Atlantis. The show uses a special dive mask that allows a diver in the main ocean tank to talk to guests out in the gallery for a fun, interactive and educational experience.

Another GREAT show is the “Shark and Ray Show”
This show is so cool, there is a fun guaranteed 😉  The Educator makes learning fun, she has jokes for the kids, I couldn’t wait to come home and tell them to Hubby 😉
During the show, the sharks and rays get very active, swimming super fast, they know that it’s feeding time, and that is their behavior.  All the kids are given a clipboard and a dry erase marker, and they answer questions during the show.  At the end of the show, when the child turns in the clipboard, they get a “cool” shark tattoo.  My children as well as myself, had a GREAT ambien online uk time 😉

“The Shark and Ray Show” features an adventurous educator interacting with guests and the intriguing creatures of the Ray Lagoon including Port Jackson sharks, epaulette sharks, brown banded bamboo sharks, white spotted bamboo sharks and the southern sting rays and cow nose the rays that give the Lagoon its name.


There are many feeding schedules for different Sea creatures, that the public can attend, like the shark feeding, the sea horse feeding, the Ray feedings, and if you want to feed your youngins, head upstairs to the Cafe, that is fully stocked with nutritional and delicious choices 😉
One more of my favorite parts of “Shark Talk” Day 😉 was when the kids and I went to “Shark School”.  There is a Professor always willing to teach everyone some really cool facts.
Did you know that a Mermaid purse is a cocoon (egg sac) for a shark?

An egg case or egg capsule,also known as mermaid’s purses, is a casing that surrounds the fertilized eggssharks.of some sharks.
Ready for my SUPER COOL PICTURES?!?!?!

The Shark Professor, helped me prop the kids for a picture in a Mermaid’s Purse!
Super Cool when she gave the kids their Hammerhead Sharks to hold so they could see themselves in a purse with a shark pup.
I have to tell you something very important to me and many other parents, the ENTIRE staff at Sea Life Aquarium has ALWAYS been so helpful and nice.  I have not experienced attitude or frustration, even on days like our last visit, when Izeah was at 100% of hyper active bliss.  
From the Cafe staff to the Shark Talk personnel, everyone had patience for my son, and I appreciate it SO much!!!

As a Parent of a Child with “Special needs”, we don’t always find the most patient staff members to help with information or just plain kindness and patience towards our kids.
At Sea Life Aquarium, that is the only kind of attention they have for everyone’s kids: the 100% kind 😉
If you remember my previous post, about our visit to Sea Life Aquarium; Izeah found his “zone” with the water while we were there.  That post brought tears to myself while writing it, and tears to many friends that read it.  My son, who many times has felt that the ENTIRE world does not understand him, felt at home there, he felt at peace. Certain children with Autism have different “things” that calm and soothe them, my son learned, along with the rest of our Family, that water is his element.  Sea Life is his element. 

This is what he said that Day:

                                  While he was sitting here, watching the Lost City of Atlantis, he said 

‘Mommy, I LOVE it here, this is MY dream come true” 

                                 I just cried, he had never “loved” a place as much as this before.

To read that days’ post, click here
If you haven’t been to Sea Life Aquarium yet, do your entire Family a favor, GO!!!
It is so much fun, educational, and most important in these times:
Sea Life Aquarium has one of the lowest prices for great fun and education in town!!!
click here for ticket info
Before I leave you to check your calendars and plan your visit to Sea Life, let me show you some of our
“forever moments”
Thanks to Sea Life Aquarium…
But the BEST picture EVER?!??!
Has to be when 
Hammy the Hammerhead 
made a SPECIAL APPEARANCE in our picture!!!!…
Thank You Sea Life and to EVERYONE that made our day possible 😉