Finally speaking about #PTSD from a #Military member… #SOT

My husband finally opened up to the world about his struggle with PTSD  read it here.  Something that had been a major problem in our marriage as well as life for over 5 years; since his last deployment to Afghanistan.
He came back a different man, and though many of us Military Wives know about that all to well;  this time it was different…

PTSD almost took his life.


That is my husband, on the very top of the “vehicle”, on his last Deployment.

Please feel free to leave him some love on his post 😉

5 thoughts on “Finally speaking about #PTSD from a #Military member… #SOT”

  1. I had no idea he was going through all of that, happy was always a word I used to describe him. so glad he was able to get help.

  2. Thanks Luc, it was always a bit hard to hide how I really felt, but I became a pro at it, like many other Service members.

  3. Thanks “Luc”,
    it was always hard work to hide how I was really feeling, I became a pro, like many other Service members.

  4. Really Will, you amaze me everytime we talk, your ability to hide what you were going through is deserving if an award… Or a carreer lol. Glad to see you pull through and getting better.

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