I have always wanted to participate in a WW, but never got around to it.  This week I just have to participate, because I want to share this picture.  First I have to defeat the wordless part and tell you about it 😉  I feel amazing!!!

Today as I went to get the last of the groceries I could afford, I had $3 left.  My kids suggested I buy the scratch off tickets from the machine.  I did, and went to the car.  A homeless man I had seen in the parking lot hurried over to us and started putting my bags in the trunk.  Normally I would freak out, and I did feel uncomfortable for a few seconds, but then I just had a feeling of “okay-ness”  😉

After he put my bags in, I said I was sorry but I only had a scratch off to offer him, and asked if it was okay.  He smiled and said yes.  I walked away to sit in my car.  I wholeheartedly was hoping he would win something great, my kids saw and heard my conversation.  They also said they wished he won the big one, and how cool it would be if he won something amazing.
As I’m getting ready to turn on the car, the man comes back and asks me to roll down my window, I guess I was too slow because he opened my car door for me, lol.  He asked me if I could please scratch the ticket off for him, since obviously I had better luck than him.  I laughed and made a joke about his luck maybe being better than mine at this point.  I told him that I was wishing with my whole heart that he wins something great and scratched the ticket.  He won $5!! He screamed “Yay!!”  I screamed “Yeah!!!” my kids even cheered.  He walked away to cash it. 

A man in a car next to me said “you just wasted your money, you know he’s going to spend it on liquor”  I just looked at him and smiled.  Something about the homeless man that gave me a good feeling.  The kids and I watched as he came out of the store, with his money in hand 😉

I looked down and buckled in and turned on the car.  We looked back to see where the man was going, and couldn’t find him anywhere.  The kids said that he was an angel God had sent to test the people today. 

Moral of the story kids?
You never know who you may be helping or how much you can help even with the smallest of gestures.  My heart feels over-filled today, and an immense feeling of happiness and fulfillment that I hadn’t felt in years. 
Was it really an Angel?  He was to us 😉

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