Technology is a necessity these days, even for children with special needs. As we advance towards computers, tablets, cell phones, and away from handwritten forms and printed books, we have to adapt our learning styles to what it most widely used. It has long been studied the correlation between the advancement of children with special needs and the learning tools they are exposed to. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 educational apps for children with special needs. We recognize the need for technology to further our children’s education.


10 Educational apps and how they help your children with special needs:

Educational apps

  1. Ask Me Colors and Shapes Preschool and Kindergarten Core Skills Preparation: This app provides a musical learning tool to help children grow to know their shapes and colors. These are considered “friction-free” educational apps that allow for play and repetition to teach your child the basics.
  2. Professions Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers: This is as it sounds, a puzzle game for kids. It helps with problem solving while giving them a fun environment where they can use their imagination and take part in a story-based puzzle game.
  3. Cause and Effect Sensory Lightbox: This app helps children with special needs by introducing them to sound and animation by use of touch. This app was specifically designed to help those with autism.
  4. AAC Speech Buddy: If your child has trouble communicating, this is an excellent app. It is completely customized to fit each individual’s needs. To make the most of this app, you could incorporate help from your child’s speech therapist, teachers, and other prominent educational figures in your child’s life.
  5. Autism Xpress: This app is specifically designed to help those with autism recognize emotions. This is a hugely helpful tool for your child to be able to understand on their level how to recognize certain emotions and communicate easier with those around them.
  6. First Then Visual Schedule: An awesome app for any caregiver of a special needs child. Designed to assist those with all types of special needs, it is customized for your child’s daily routine. It takes a step-by-step approach in helping your child know what come first in their schedule, then to move on to the next step. Repetition has been a proven success in any child’s life, especially with those living with special needs.
  7. iReward Chart: Children of all kinds learn better when there is positive reinforcement! This app helps with that aspect of raising your child. Wonderful visuals and a great way to chart their behavior, without the mess that may come with a physical chart in your home.
  8. Listening Power: This is a wonderful app designed to help with listening skills. It is programmable for different difficulty levels to grow with your child, regardless of their beginning skill set.
  9. Autism Discovery Tool: This app addresses all the senses for those with special needs. It explores seven different sensory situations. There are options for how you would like your child to perceive each situation, based on how they would normally view things. It keeps them within their comfort zone while helping them to move out of that zone at their own pace.
  10. iDo App Collection: This collection of apps is specific to teaching children with all types of special needs life skills. They use video modules including things like “The Missing Step” which helps children to identify the missing step in each situation. This helps them build their own skills and increase their potential of growing their life skills.

Technology has been a proven tool for most children, but it especially helpful in the growth and development of children with special needs. This is a preferred method of teaching since most areas included within the special needs field learn best in ways that are not completely conventional. Give educational apps a try and comment on how it works for your child!