If you are a fan of Alice, you simply must want to make these beautiful desserts that are inspired by the newest Disney movie
“Alice through the looking glass”

learn how to make alice through the looking glass desserts

Now, if you’re like me, you must have thought at first glance, that these looked indeed beautiful; but difficult to make.
I am glad to inform you that I was wrong, these are as easy as going down the rabbit hole.
See what I did there? 😉

These tutorials are not only short, but show just how easy it is to make our desserts look as amazing as these!

Take a look at my favorite macarons, and see just how easy it is to make them;
they completely took away the fear the macarons were such a delicate and hard thing to make…

If you are a cookie person,
these Time’s Gear Cookies are easy to make and look amazing!

((If you don’t have an airbrush machine, look below for a perfect option))
Last but not least, the cat that stole my heart,
“It’s not impossible, merely un-possible!” (Via: Disney Family)

Alice Through the Looking Glass is in Theaters now, will you be watching it?
My Family and I are making these Cheshire cat cupcakes, and the macarons tomorrow afternoon, and the going to watch the movie in the evening, you can buy your tickets online here.

If you make these desserts, please send us an email and we will post your pictures on the blog!  ( militaryfamof8 at gmail dot com )


Here is a list of items you can buy to re-create these delicious desserts…

Cheshire Cat Cupcakes:


You can use a mix of these sprinkles
or you can use these silver Jimmies

Time’s Gear Cookies:

If you don’t have an airbrush machine, you can use the Wilton spray paint, and it’s completely edible…


Alice Through the Looking Glass Macarons:


Items for all 3 desserts:

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