Being a part of a large family is so much fun and comes with some of life’s most important lessons. Most people don’t appreciate large families because they are not a part of one. If you aren’t part of a large family, it’s okay to wonder why people love being a part of one. Large families are always full of love and a lot of fun. Here are 7 lessons to be learned from a large family.

Lessons from Large Families

#1. Stuff will always happen: One lesson to be learned from large families is that stuff will always happen. You just have to learn to go with the flow. Shoes will get lost, kids will cut their hair, and chores won’t always get done.

#2. There’s plenty of love to go around: When it comes to having a large family, one of the best parts is that you know there’s always lots of love. Even if mom and dad are busy with one kid, there’s always someone else to play with or talk to.

#3. Hand me downs happen naturally: When there is a large family, there’s never a shortage of hand me downs. Am I right? Someone always has something to wear! Don’t get rid of your extra clothes, save them for the next one.

#4. Seconds buy clomid online without rx aren’t always possible: If you are super hungry, you better eat fast because you better believe there’s a bigger and hungrier kid ready to get seconds. Unless your mom sucks at cooking and, in that case, no one wants seconds.

#5. No vehicle is ever big enough: It’s true. You buy a van thinking it’ll be big enough for your family and it’s just not quite big enough. A lesson to be learned from a large family is that two vehicles are always a must.

#6. Life is good: When you have a large family, your heart is full and it doesn’t take you long to realize that life is good. Count your blessings everyday because you never know if there will be a tomorrow.

#7. You’ll have a best friend for life: If you have multiple siblings, you know that you’re bound to have a friend for life. Whether you get along well with your brother, sister, or your mom, you’ll always have someone there.

Living in a big family is always a ton of fun. It has its downside but doesn’t everything in life. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a part of a large family, you need to share these 7 lessons to be learned from large families.