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A Bond Between Mother & Child w/ DiMe Media & Coca-Cola #Inseparable

“A Bond Between Mother & Child w/ DiMe Media & Coca-Cola #Inseparable” is a post I have literally cried tears over.  I was so excited to write this post because I knew exactly what I wanted to tell the world, then not once but twice; there was a glitch and I lost my entire posts (keep in mind I said twice).  As I sit here and get ready to tell you MY story about a bond, I am happy because I can relive it once again 😉

When I was 4 years old my Father passed away, I saw and was present through it all, and after the funeral; I fell into a “deep sleep”  The Doctor said it was the first case of “self-induced coma” he had ever witnessed.  I slept for 3 months.  When I woke up, my Mom and my Uncle were next to my bed, they were so happy to see me, I recall it so clear.  I was confused why they were so happy to see me; I was just waking up from a nap is what I thought.  The next week we moved to Mexico to live with my “Grandma” Ma’Maria, my Grampa, my 2 Uncles and my 2 Aunts (In Mexican tradition, the children live with the Parents until they marry).  My Mom had a major breakdown from my Father’s death.
A Bond Between Mother & Child w/ DiMe Media & Coca-Cola #Inseparable
Living in Tijuana, Mexico was one of my fondest memories.  My Ma’Maria ALWAYS made breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone; on time.  If my Uncles and Grampa were late because of work, she would make their meals as soon as they got home.  The drink?  Always a Coca-Cola bottle on the table.  It was a staple on the table.
My favorite memories are walking with Ma’Maria everyday.  See? She did her shopping daily, she would only feed my family fresh made tortillas and bread.  We would go on our walk in the afternoon, just me and her; we would stop at the market to get veggies and fruits, milk and such, then we would go to the “Panaderia” (the bread store) where we would wait for the 5p.m. fresh batch of “Birotes” (similar to Italian bread), from there we would go to the “Tortilleria” (a tortilla making small factory, typically one in every few blocks) and get the freshest tortillas from the 6p.m. batch.  From there we would go to the corner market, where she ALWAYS bought 2 ltr bottles of Coca-Cola, and the owner always had a free candy for me.  Our little secret?  She always let me eat as many warm tortillas and freshly made beans as I wanted; before everyone was home.  It was the best!
A Bond Between Mother & Child w/ DiMe Media & Coca-Cola #Inseparable

A couple of years later, my Mom, bother, and I moved back to the States; and thankfully my Mom was so dependent on my Ma’Maria’s voice that we spoke to her daily.  We left Fridays after-school to her house and would come back Monday mornings straight to be dropped off at school.  My Mom “needed” to call my Ma’Maria daily, which to me was a wonderful tradition.  I was allowed to call her when I got home from school, and always called her before bed.  We would talk for literally hours on the phone.  We would talk about everything, shows, Family, future plans; everything.
I am SO thankful to my Mother for making that a part of my childhood.

I know that calling internationally is something that many can’t afford, and that’s why I am so happy to be able to share that Coca-Cola is giving everyone a chance to call their Mother… for free!
Starting May 6, Coca-Cola is giving its Mother’s Day video viewers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico the opportunity to call their mothers anywhere in the world for three minutes.

Coca-Cola – a beloved brand among Latinos – will show its appreciation of Latino culture by unveiling a special microsite on May 6th where consumers can register to call their mom for free – anywhere- for three minutes.  It’s the way Coca-Cola helps Latino families stay connected and sharing important moments together.

This Mother’s Day, Coca-Cola is reminding us of the inseparable bond between mother and child with an interactive video in which the viewer can switch between the point of view of a mother and daughter throughout the different stages of their relationship.
Coca-Cola has always been a part of my Family’s life, it’s calmed tears, joined in our celebrations, cooled us off on hot days, started conversations, went on vacations with us, and brought smiles…
A Bond Between Mother & Child w/ DiMe Media & Coca-Cola #Inseparable
Do you have one Mother’s Day memory that stands out from the rest?  Are you or have you tried using Coca-Cola’s free call to your Mother?