Pumpkin Farms are good for the Soul

Pumpkin Farms are good for the Soul
Since my kids were babies, I have always made sure that I do as much as I can with them.  I try to take them not only to amusement parks, but local places as well.  One of the things my 14y.o.  told me is that her favorite part of Halloween; is that we get to spend a day at a pumpkin farm.  Sadly, since living in New York,;we have not been to one yet.  So I was naturally happy today to be invited to attend The Wright Family Farm.  While we lived in San Diego we would drive out over an hour to this small Family pumpkin farm.  The drive to the Country was beautiful, but better are our memories.  So as you can imagine, I am extremely excited to surprise the kids next weekend.

Pumpkin Farms are good for the Soul

The Wright Family farm has so many things for the Family to do, you really DO need a full day!

Pumpkin Farms are good for the Soul

Pumpkin Farms are good for the Soul

One of the best parts about this farm in my opinion, is that their prices are wonderful.  In comparison to many pumpkin farms I have seen, this is the best in price.
I am looking forward to the drive out there, yes it is a bit of a drive; but in NYC you really don’t find many farms ;/    Our Family has always enjoyed going on drives, especially in this weather where you get to feel the crispy air and wear boots and sweaters!

The Wright Family Farm has an even better offer for our readers, you can use this coupon to save even more!  Seriously, now you have no excuse not to buy that 30 pound pumpkin 😉
Corn maize, Hay Ride, Pick Your Own Pumpkins, Duck Races, Barn yard, Pedal Karts, Picnic area
Save 33% off admission to the corn maze and barn yard.
Pumpkin Farms are good for the Soul

If you are within driving range to The Wright Family Farm, consider visiting them; your Family will surely appreciate you for it!

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  1. I like pumpkin farms, I talked to our local work release center ( for Honor Inmates ) they grow produce every year and donate to the community, I asked them to grow pumpkins and give them to all of the local kindergarten students and they agreed to try it next year.

  2. I agree with you! when the kiddos were little we used to go every year and we really had a great time. Now pre teens we don’t get to do as much as before.

  3. I completely missed ours this year. I was really looking forward to taking my daughter but we got so much rain and I have so little free time. I’ll have to make up for it big time next year. The pumpkin farm we go to has a huge box (like a sandbox) filled with corn kernels. The kids love it!

  4. We didn’t do the pumpkin patch thing this year. I can’t find a REAL pumpkin patch anywhere around here. All the ones we have are store bought pumpkins that have been dumped off in someone’s field. I don’t think that’s very pretty.

  5. I so enjoy a good day out with the family at a pumpkin farm, I think its great for everyone to get out walk around, see a few animals, take a ride, pick pumpkins and apples 🙂 its what I did with my grandchildren this year.. glad you all enjoyed yourself

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