Living A Livable Life with Endometriosis

Living A Livable Life with Endometriosis

Living A Livable Life with Endometriosis

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I was invited to attend an event in March on a subject that many don’t know much about. Endometriosis. I was diagnosed with endometriosis many years ago and never spoke to a Doctor about it since. I have lived with the symptoms I had and figured that was the way the rest of my life should be. Boy was I wrong! Endometriosis is NOT something that we just have to deal with!

During the event I had a great time listening to a panel of Women speak about their experiences and educate us on a world that many don’t know exist. Living A Livable Life with Endometriosis.

Living A Livable Life with Endometriosis

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic and painful disease. Endometriosis occurs when tissue that acts a lot like the lining of your uterus—called endometrium—starts growing outside of your uterus, where it doesn’t belong.

These out-of-place growths, called lesions or implants, can cause severe pain and inflammation throughout the month. – via


Once the speakers were finished telling us about their stories, the panel opened up for questions. The audience had some great questions and one in particular made everyone say “Yes!”.

I introduced myself, I told the panel that my husband and I have been married 19 years and I had been diagnosed with endometriosis for many more years before that. I asked the panel: as a married couple, how do/did they speak and approach their husbands/boyfriends about the subject of sex or lack thereof, and the painful effects of endometriosis. I explained how lack of sex has been something that has indeed caused stress in our marriage and it was mainly nolvadex cheap online because my husband and I didn’t really understand the effects of endometriosis. I learned that I am not alone in this. I learned that it’s actually one of the most challenging things for women with endometriosis to deal with. It helped so much to hear many different answers, experiences, and suggestions.


The biggest surprise of the night was that my husband showed up for the event. I had spoken to him about it but never thought to invite him. Just a few days before we had a discussion about my life with endometriosis and how I felt he did not understand. He listened to the entire panel and when I asked my question, he laughed and said that it was his question as well. It has seriously been an amazing experience to have been able to attend this event.

Living A Livable Life with Endometriosis

Are there treatments or cures for endometriosis?

While there are no cures for endometriosis, there are certainly many options for treatment. Visit this page to learn more about endometriosis treatment options.


The evening was full of information, one that inspired me to continue to write about these topics that many of us not only suffer from; but also, don’t know much about. If you or someone you know, suffer from/with endometriosis, please do more research; it literally was life changing for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we can contact the wonderful Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed who has offered to speak with us more on this subject. The lovely Ladies that led the panel were: Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed, Nitika Chopra, and April Christina.

Living A Livable Life with Endometriosis


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  1. It is so amazing your husband showed up to participate, in the end he was more sympathetic than you thought at first. I guess events like this are extremely important, since there is so little information on this condition.

  2. This is definitely new to me. Then again, I am not that old yet. I assume this is just for old women as suppose to young girls.

  3. This is was informative, will send this over to a friends that have diagnosed with endometriosis.Definitely opening up to one another can make one learn through other experiences on how to live with endometriosis.

  4. This is a very helpful testimony to women who are suffering from endometriosis. It was also sweet of the husband to show up in such event.

  5. I have read about Endometriosis,though I don’t know about one with it but I’m glad there are options for treatment.Yes,it is a great thing for those suffering from endometriosis to come together to share their experiences,it will help others live better with it.

  6. The cause of endometriosis is still unknown. Handling it mentally and emotionally must be really tough.

  7. The post is very informative. I didn’t know Endometriosis before. Having this kind of disease sure is hard. I also hope a nice life for those who have it.

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