In the spirit of making sure my husband pleases me enough to want to stay married to him during our move to NY, he decided to surprise the entire Family with an “emergency” vacation. How cute right? ;D

Financially we were never able to afford anything like this, not even for all of us to go to one amusement park all at the same time, but THANKFULLY we are BLESSED enough at this time to finally have a real vacation 😉
even during vacation they get labeled!!!

So last week he came home and said “We have 3 hours to clean house and pack!!!”  I know the suspense is killing you… it took us 7 hours to leave the house 😉 YOU try cleaning house, planning pets feedings,emergency laundry AND packing for 7!!! We ended up packing dirty clothes and choosing to do laundry at the hotel lol.

We packed outfits, cameras, memory cards, stuffed animals, toys, snacks, you name it; we had it…
except my sanity.   I lost it in the shuffle of life between the first (1993) and last child (2005).  It makes for much more excitement everywhere we go if you ask me!

So here we are, almost a week away; and I finally had a chance to get on a computer and say hello to the world!!!  I will post about our adventures later, right now I am BEAT!  Today was the 1st day we took it slow.  We still did the tourist/vacation things; but spent a lot of time in the hotel pool and hot tub as well 😉
Let me say that I LOVE seeing my Family play in the pool, it’s fun; BUT I LOVE it even more as I am watching them from the hot tub!!! 😉

Can’t wait to show you our adventures!!
Can’t wait to getting home, so my husband and kids can have fun packing the house while I am at #BlogHer11, and right after BlogHer while our stuff is being shipped to NY, we get to take our 1st ever cross country trip.  The entire Family in a car, from Cali to NY…
somewhere along this trip I will need wine and tissues!!!