From sadness to hope, this is my dream…

Before I start my post, I have to apologize to all of my friends for not posting as often as I normally would.  It has been over a week since I have been living in the ICU with my Grandfather.  Read post here.  The stress is taking it’s toll on me.  Emotionally I am finally a wreck, and mentally I seem to just be blank. 

I wanted to share with you the only great thing that has happened to me in a very long time.
I entered a Blogger contest with Sony Style, and I was chosen as one of the Finalists, 1 of the 10 finalists 😉

Check out the Finalist page at Sony Style & the gorgeous Sony valium generic medication Ericsson X10
I will be back to tell you more about the phone 😉
I needed that piece of news so bad, it came during a time where my world seems to be crashing around me.  My hopes of my Grandfather getting better and getting out of here, seem to be loosing it’s strength, as am I.

His spirits are so low it kills me to see him that way.  This was the Man who raised me, the Man that was always so strong and could do everything and anything.  He built his children’s homes by hand, he helped his sons build their tow truck business by hand, welding those trucks into awesome monsters!
Now, he is broken, and not just physically, his mood and outlook on life is darker than the clouds outside.  The only time I have gotten him to smile with me was when I shared with him how excited I was that I was chosen as a finalist for the Sony contest.

The doctors and nurses try to cheer him up, as do I every minute of the day.  Speaking with the Nurses yesterday, they said we had to come up with a plan to have him look forward to something, so he could give himself the goal of getting better for that reason. 
Immediately I remembered the stories he used to tell us Grandchildren many many years ago. 
We used to sit in the backyard, next to the cars he was fixing, and so to keep us from running around and getting hurt, or knocking the car on top of him, he would tell us stories, such fun stories!!.
He would tell us about the time he wrestled a 12 foot alligator and made shoes and a purse for my Beautiful Grandma (RIP).
Or about the time he swam from Mazatlan, MEX to San Diego,CA with the sharks. 
One of the best ones was when he went skiing on a pair of crocodiles down the Amazon. 
Those were the most awesome stories, of course we knew they weren’t real, but to hear and imagine them, it was just so fun!!!

I also remembered that my Grandfather owned every National Geographic magazine ever printed 😉  We would sit and read them together.  We would talk about how cool it would be to go here or there, and do this and that.  He always taught us the importance of reading and learning since a very early age.  My Grandfather had taught me to fully translate for my Family from English to Spanish by the age of 3.  Leaving people amazed all the time, That was my Grandpa. 

Back to my conversations with the Nurses, I told them about becoming a Finalists, and that as a Finalist I had won the Sony Ericsson X10 phone (which is still unreleased in the US), also winning a PSPgo and a FIFA 10 game.  I told them and my Grandfather about the Grand Prize, an 8 day trip to “The most beautiful place on earth” (as he calls it) Africa, and tickets to go to FIFA. 
My Grandfather got excited,the glimmer in his eyes was back.  He immediately started talking about how beautiful Africa is in the pictures and T.V.  How he would have fun walking the lions. 
It was so funny, it was fun, it was great to see him get happy and excited about something. 
Then the charge Nurse asked me to step outside with her, she asked me if I was to win the Grand Prize and get the trip to Africa, who would I take?
I have no idea I told her, my mind went blank suddenly. 
Then I heard this:
“Your Grandfather has been severely depressed since being here, if his health was to get better and you had the Doctor’s clearance, would you ever consider taking him with you?”
OMG!!! That was the best idea ever!  He would always talk about going to Africa and wrestle lions in front of me, not that I want to see it happen, but just the thought of giving my Grandfather THAT wish, THE wish of a lifetime. 
It has given ME something to look forward too, something to give me hope that I will see my “strong” Grandfather up and about again. 
We (Nurses and myself) told my Grandfather that if I was to win the Trip to go to Africa and go to FIFA ’10, if he would like to go to Africa with me.
You should have seen “that” glimmer in his big blue eyes again!!!
He smiled and made a funny face, he said he thinks he is never getting out of this hospital.  That he thinks he is going to go “upstairs” with my Grandma (RIP) from here. 
I told him that he had to hurry up and get better soon, so I could take him with me. 
He is the talk of the floor 😉 Anytime a Nurse walks by his room, they peek in and tell him to hurry up so he can go to Africa with me 😉
Seeing a constant smile in his face has helped him and myself so much.

So now, it is MY wish to take my Grandpa to Africa with me.  Please help me by supporting me, by spreading the word for me, the more support I have, the better my chances are of making OUR dreams come true.

I am on Twitter @Militaryfamof8 and am Tweeting with the hash tag: #SENDMOMMY2FIFA
Two of the judging criteria in the Finalist Blogging Period is
1. Readership & Engagement
2. Ability to Generate Online Viral Buzz
The Judging will end this Sunday May 24, 10. 
Please help make this dream come true for us 😉 

For the first time, just comment love & RT’s & FWD’s will help make a dream come true…..
I need all the comment love possible!!! 😉

“Sony provided me with a free Sony Ericsson X10 phone and a PSPgo and FIFA Soccer 10 game in connection with my participation in the Sony Ericsson/Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest, which requires me to blog about Sony and/or Sony Ericsson Products.”


86 thoughts on “From sadness to hope, this is my dream…”

  1. Oh, that’s so exciting…both for you and your grandfather. I pray that this hope will give him a renewed look to the future!

  2. Yup – so now I am in tears. Tears of hope and joy for the newfound happiness in your grandfather. I STRONGLY beliewe in the tremendous healing power of the mind and heart and understand how important it is to keep his spirits up. I too was extremely close to my grandma and know the pain you go through in seeing them in tough times. You are a blessing to your Grandfather!

  3. What a great story Lily! I am so excited for this opportunity for you and your grandfather … It sounds like you both need a little something to look forward to … Hope will bring all nothing but good things to your life!

  4. Hi Lily – What an exciting opportunity for you and your grandfather! I hope this brings you the hope you both need to heal.

  5. Big hugs for you, Lily…so sad for all that you had to go through. I hope this works and your grandfather will be happy!!

  6. I am so sorry for your Grandfathers health, but I really do hope you win. Then it would just make him the happiest and that would be wonderful! Good Luck… what can I do to help your efforts??

  7. I took care of my grandfather, so this really tugs at my heart strings! I know you can win this. Just claim it now baby.

    We’ll be praying for you at the Unscripted house and following your story. We love you and good luck!

  8. Like Rebecca, I too am now in tears! I was so moved by your grandfather’s life, how he built your homes, how he told you stories! What a beautiful man! I can’t think of anyone who could possibly get more out of such a trip then him. Especially since he had such a collection of National Geographics. It is my sincerest wish that Sony grant a wish such as this to a man who would benefit so greatly from such a trip. Sony is a good company, I have faith that they will come through for you. I can hardly wait to hear the good news. You are an eloquent writer and it is a pleasure to read your blog. And when he goes with you to Africa, I anxiously wait to hear about his walk with lions. ok…I am balling like baby right now!

  9. Good Luck! I lost my grandfather three weeks after my son was born – I know he held on at the end so he could meet my baby and I feel like that was a dream come true for him. I hope you get to make your grandfather’s dream come true, too.

  10. Oh My Goodness!!!

    If there was a ballot for us to vote in, we would pick you, hands down.

    Your reason and passion is greater than that, I have seen in the other Finalists.

    I hope so much that you may take your Grandfather, and in case you can not, I know that you will take him in spirit.

    You have all the support of your readers!

  11. Hun,
    I just want you and the Judges to know that I have read all of the other finalists blogs, and I believe that you are definitely worthy of the Sony Blogger grand prize.
    A Blogger is not one who has the most audience during a contest, a true blogger is one who has the BIGGEST HEART all the time, and the deepest passion during a contest.

    Just because the other blogger has hundreds of comments on the blog, does not make that person a better blogger, you have so much passion, that to me, you are the sony blogger contest winner.

  12. OMG I can’t even enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy because I am crying about your grandpa and your story!!!

    I hope to Goodness that you win!!!

  13. I don’t have a twitter or facebook account, and now more than ever I wish I did. You would be my mission for the entire week, to get you and your grandfather to africa to see the fifa games and “walk with the lions”. you are a great granddaughter, never loose your faith.




  15. i caught your link from twitter. i read your post and i think its so awesome that you want to take your grand dad to africa in order to have him look forward to life again.

    i think you are lucky to have each other.

  16. oh, I just read your post. I followed it from twitter: #sendmommy2fifa

    it is so cool how you love your grandfather like that. I hope you are able to take him,good luck!!!

  17. I am going to tweet this for you because I think you and your grandfather deserve to win and hopefully it will help you out.. *HUGS*

  18. I got the link to your blog from a lady in our church. She asked us all to pray for you and your grandfather’s health, and that you both may go to Africa.

    Your story is so inspiring, she passed out little sticky notes to us all, so we could visit your page.

    I hope that you may win this, good luck and God Bless!

  19. hi
    my name is mary,
    my sister elaine made me sit down and read your story. i am crying, it was so touching. i wish you the best of luck, and i would love to see all of the pictures of your grandpa with the lions.

  20. i followed the # #sendmommy2fifa to your post.

    wow you have been through hell. i hope you win,you two deserve this trip.

  21. omg i just read the post about the x10,i love it and i am so waiting for it!!!!

    i am sad about your grandpa. mine died last year before thanksgiving. i hope you win,i want to know that your granmps last wish was given to him!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Like omg!!! I am crying!!
    cooky ssent me the link to your post and omg I am crying!!!

    We graduated from high school yesterday,but if we knew about this sooner,we so would have told the entire school to vote for you!!!!!!!!!!

  23. So this is the story the nurses were talking about.

    I am so inspired by you both. Many days I want to just stay home and give up on my Fahter ever leaving this place, but you have shown so much love, everytime I see you in the hallways or in your Grandfather’s room, you always have a smile, you always say hello.

    You are a brave and strong woman.

  24. Have I not been in enough tears already?!

    I did not know that this was the post my hubsband spoke about.

    Goodness child, you have my full support to win this contest, your grandfather deserves to go, and you deserve to be the Sony blogger because you have a true heart.

  25. hey girlie,
    omg, so now i know why my mom said she cried.

    if you peek over to the hallway, you will see us all with red eyes, ha!

    now i hope you win more than before, omg that story is so touching.

    you really know how to get to the readers and that is what a blogger should be like, pay attention judges and sony!

  26. wow dude,
    now i know what everyone is talking about.
    i hope you win,your gramps would be thrilled!

    you really know how to get to the people reading your stuff, no wonder you are a finalist!

  27. aw man!!
    they are laughing at me because they said I would cry when I read this!!

    I am so sorry, wow, I didn’t know that your Gramps had been through so much!!

    omg, it would be the coolest thing to hear that you won and you are in africa with your gramps!!

    Good luck, you have my entire family’s vote!!

  28. A big hug to you Lily, and best wishes to you and your grandfather. I will add the two of you to my prayer list. You have written a great story. I do hope you win.

    Love and Prayers,

  29. Exactly what I was talking about.
    You have the heart, passion, and love to be the blogger for Sony.

    You have captured everyone’s heart with your story, and with the love you have for your grandfather. I have seen first hand how much love and dedication you have towards seeing your grandfather beat the odds.
    As a doctor, I know that many feared your grandfather would not make it this far, I truly believe that you have indeed been the reason for him hanging on so much.

    I hear you through the walls, talking with him, telling him jokes, telling him your childhood memories, you have a heart of gold my child, and THAT is what makes for a great blogger.

    Judges, pay attention, this girl has the heart and passion to blog for your company, and leave an impact on people’s hearts.

  30. oh my dear sweetheart, my heart cries for you.

    I read the link to your Grandfathers stay in the hospital, and I read your post about the trip to Africa.
    I completely see what my husband is talking baout, you have “the” heart, to become the blogger for Sony.

    A true blogger/writer speaks with the heart, writes with the heart, and gets to people’s hearts.

    You have accomplished that and more. You have the complete support of our entire Family, and I know that if my Father-in-Law could write, he would leave you comments as well.

    I hope that the judges will pay attention to what a real blogger is about.

    Good luck!

  31. i am here from #sendmommy2fifa

    i read this on twitter, u r totally deserving of the grand prizE!!

    you are deff. a true blogger.

  32. damn, my cousins were laughing and betting that i would cry. i lost the bet.

    i really hope that you can go and take your gramps to africa. being there for fifa would rawk!





  34. awww I wanted to go to south Africa after my college graduation, but instead I am going to Florida, I hope so much that you win the grand prize!

    Maybe we can ride together from the hospital to the airport 😉

  35. Dear @militaryfamof8,
    I came to your blog through the tweets about your posts.

    I have to first apologize for not being able to tell you my name, but you must understand that as a Journalist/Published Author, I have certain anonymity that I must keep in certain situations.

    I read your posts, and I have to tell you that I am very impressed.
    See, you do not need a degree or a long list of publicized writings to be called a “writer”
    What you need is “heart”.
    You truly have the heart of a blogger/journalist/author; it’s not a popularity contest, but a blogger contest.

    One that I have clearly seen you in the lead. If the Judges indeed go by the criteria in the rules, and take the time to read the comments from your readers, they will see that indeed you have the heart to be the blogger for Sony.

    Your heart has been at your fingertips the entire time, I have indeed even read past posts of yours, I am impressed. I love your originality and your sense of humor and true honesty.

    You are a “real” blogger/author/journalist in my eyes.

    I will be rooting for you and for your Grandfather.
    I do hope that the Judges see the real qualities needed to be a blogger for Sony and make the right choice, YOU are the right choice.

    Love & Peace

  36. Hi sweetie,
    This is Mrs. H, my poor child,you have been through so much.

    I am so touched by your story and your post. You have captivated my heart and the heart of my Family.

    We are all cheering you on, and supporting you. We hope that you may take your GrandFather to Africa and take him to see the FIFA games in person.

    I hope with all my heart that you may win because I think that not only do you deserve this trip, but I know that Sony will benefit from having you as part of their team, you have the words to captivate thousands.

  37. omg, I thought being a finaoist was hugeness, but now I think this post is better, I totally hope that you win this contest, you moved my stubborn heart to the side, lol!

    Congrats and goodluck!

  38. So glad to hear that your grandfather is out of the ICU!

    I’m really hoping your grandfather’s dream comes true! *HUGS*

  39. Hi Lily! You and your grandfather have an amazing bond. That is beautiful. Sadly, I never knew either of my grandfathers. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you win!

  40. I hope that your grandfather will recover soon and get his wish!! All the best…sending good thoughts and prayers to you and the family

  41. I followed the link from the tweets on twitter called #sendmommy2fifa

    This is an amazing story. I hope that you may win, I think you have what it takes to be a Sony BLogger.

    Good luck!

  42. oh how completely touching!
    i am in tears, and apparently so has everyone else that has commented on your post. i think that is exactly what makes you a great blogger. congratulations again on being a finalist for Sony.

  43. The amount of love and support i have received from everyone is so overwhelming. Thank you so much!!!

    I read to my Grampa the wonderful comments and the emails that i have received, he smiles. He is not out of the hospital yet, just out of ICU, which is a major step up 😉
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

  44. Thank you very much Mary Alice for the comments 😉
    I didn’t mean to put anyone in tears 😉

  45. Now I see, this was the big tear jerker I read about. I wish you win, for both of you, your grandfather and yourself deserve to make these memories, and you would be an asset to Sony.

  46. this is charles again,i am sorry to hear about all that you and your grand father are going through. i hope you win so you could be the blogger for sony,and that you can take him to africa for fifa,that is great.

  47. Hi, my name is Mrs. Young, I am a friend of Mrs. Marsha, she passed out the link to your blog yesterday at church, she asked us all to pray for your Family. She has faith that you will win this blogger contest, and asked us all to support you by reading your blog and only commenting if it impacted us. It did!

  48. hi huny,
    mrs. marsha sent me from church. i am very touched by your love and dedication to your grandfather. i hope you both get your wish.

  49. MelADramatic Mommy, Tannawings, and Mrs. Nelson,
    Thank you so much for your support!!!

    I appreciate the comments and love so much!!!

  50. Lily, What an increadible memory this would be for all of you! I hope these few words will help you in this monumental effort.

  51. hey girl,
    i got your link through twitter, i was being nosey and followed the #sendmommy2fifa link.

    i hope you win this contest. you are a great blogger, and a greater granddaughter/

  52. Ha! If I wasn’t with my girl, I would have melted over your story!

    I see why you are a finalist for Sony, wish you the best of luck!

  53. oh I am so sad!
    I hope that your grandfather gets better and that you can take him to africa!
    I also hope that you can be the blogger for sony, that is very cool!

  54. I wish so much that you may win this, you are a great blogger and a very loving grand daughter.

  55. I came here from twitter, you have a very touching story. I hope that you may win and be the blogger for sony, that sony may hire you as a fulltime blogger, because you definitely have the heart for it.

  56. I am cheering you on, as your Grand Father gets better and you may both go to Africa for FIFA. My biggest wish id for you to become a blogger for sony, that would indeed open so many more doors for you.

  57. saw your link being passed around on twitter, you truly are a dedicated blogger, I see you at the wee hours of the mornings always networking and linking up your posts.

    you deserve to be the blogger for Sony

  58. Why was I not warned to bring out the kleenex?

    I can not emphasize enough how you make sure you get to the hearts of your readers. A perfect sign of a great blogger/author

  59. Hi! Your link was forwarded to me by Rose. I thought I’d give it a look-see and do not regret it for a second! Thank you so much for sharing. It reminded me of when my dad was in the hospital last year, ready to go at any moment. I remember how hard it was to give hope to myself, my family and my father when everything seemed dark. But I also remember how much God and His words and the prayers of so many people, gave me and my family the hope that we needed. I pray that you and your grandfather will find comfort and encouragement from God. I’d like to share with you a Scripture that helped me (I hope it helps you): “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” -2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

  60. Best of luck. Have you seen my father’s day scrapbook page? It is a page i think you will realate too

  61. Hello, Lily:

    it has been a long time not visiting,
    as you know, I do memes, I do poetry Rally, time has spent on visiting meme participants, manage poetry blogs, I miss old friends such as you, but could not find the moments…
    Thank you for the encouragement, kind words, and lasting love for me.
    I missed you.


    I never forget friends,
    due to the numbers, about 5 hundreds on blogger plus wordpress, I may overlook if you never show up or not show up at all…

    last time, when I try to remember my old friend, I listed 170+ blogs on my award list, people complain about I doing too much, as u know, if I exclude you, you do care and may hurt…it is hard for me.

    thanks for thinking of me.
    I cherish your friendship and wish you the best.

    stay well!
    you deserve happiness.

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    Also welcome you!

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