It’s no surprise that the prices for kid’s clothing are as high as gold right now; and when you have more than 1 child, it just becomes a bit too much right? 
Well having 6+ kids ourselves and our income being extremely limited, it was very hard to get the kids new school clothes last month.  They all had to settle for one new outfit each, good thing they are used to budgets because it was not a battle.

Since moving to NY I had been sticking to the generic superstore to find quick and affordable clothing items as I could afford them. 

WELL, let me tell you…
NO MORE!!! 😉
They even had racks on the sidewalk!!!
$9.99 for sweater dresses with elbow high gloves
This Sunday as we left Church in Queens, NY, my husband thought he would drive us around for another one of his “Sunday tours” 😉  Being that we moved back into his “hometown” he loves to drive us around and tell us his childhood stories, lol.  While showing us his favorite places to shop, we came across a children’s clothing store named Cookie’s Kids . It was not like any other store I had driven by or seen before, it literally was SEVEN store buildings connected!!!
SEVEN stores wide!!! I didn’t know where to start!! 😉 
There was one store just for school uniforms, and underclothes, one for girl’s fancy dresses and coats.  The prices were amazing!!!!

Coats from floor to ceiling on every wall.  Assorted brands and one wall dedicated to just high end name brands ALL FOR 1/4 of what I have seen them elsewhere!!!  My daughter didn’t know where to turn, she was in love with all of them, so Daddy had to jump in.
yes, she was whistling while he buttoned and unbuttoned tons of coats lol.
THis gorgeous dress bottom coat was ONLY $24.99!!!
So we had to plan this out, we split up in teams of 3, and we went to shop.  I had the two girls, the 11yo is in a “I don’t like to shop” phase, but she loves to get new clothes, and the 9yo loves to shop as if she had a job; I personally think it’s their Daddy’s fault for teaching them at a young age how fun it is to shop lol.
After a couple of hours we met up again, and sorted through what everyone had, the 9yo had a blast!  She chose all bright colors as her wardrobe matches her personality, while the 11yo chose t-shirts and jeans *sigh*  
ying & yang!
All in all the damage was MINIMAL!  The boys got jeans for $5.99 and shirts for as low as $4.99, We had the cashier busy, she had to make sure she bagged each child’s clothes in their own bag 😉  

Our grand total for 6 bags of clothes was $134.68… Ka-ching!!!!!!!!  Daddy and the kids had to carry the bags while I had fun taking pictures 😉
LOVE what you read but don’t live in NY??!?!?!? They have an online store as well!!!!
Cookie’s Kids store stores has a price match guarantee!
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