2 days ago it was cloudy and cool in San Diego, Ca.  It was a beautiful night, what looked to be the start of a wonderful Fall season for us.  The next day it decided to be hot, now that’s typical weather in San Diego, and then it hit us.  A heatwave in Fall.  It’s 100 degrees and feels horrible!

To top it off our kids are on Fall break from School.  No a/c in the house.  It’s a recipe for disaster right? lol  Yesterday we took the kids to the beach for an hour, then came home at 6pm and they went in the pool until 830pm.  The weather was beautiful!

Today it has been horribly hot since 8am :/
I wasn’t letting the kids go in the pool because the pool man was supposed to be here, but I just looked at the outside thermometer and it’s

So forget the pool man, I’m letting the kids go in the pool.
The pool man got here as soon as the kids were going outside :/ So now I am listening to whinny hot kids!!!
Back to the front yard where I am going to chase them with a water hose LOL