Sorry For All Of The Spam. New Theme Had Glitch…

I am sorry for all the Spam, New Theme Had Glitch…

I am writing this post to say that “I am sorry for all the Spam, It’s a new theme’s fault”.
For over 4 hours now, I have been installing and customizing a new template on my blog.  Unknowingly to me, when I installed the “demo” part, it also posted all of the demo posts.


I only realized this when my notifications started going off, letting me know post after post had been published.
I sincerely apologize for this horrible act of spam.  I hope that you know me well enough to know that I would never willingly post not only those generated posts, but also would never spam you with 25 posts in one night.
Lately I’m lucky if I can get 2 out a week 😉

I sincerely hope that you accept my apology and that I don’t lose you as a friend and reader.


2 thoughts on “Sorry For All Of The Spam. New Theme Had Glitch…”

  1. I came here to inform you of the spam but it looks like you already know about it. I got 48 emails last night around 2am. Thought it was weird that there were so many posts. I opened one and it wasn’t in English so I didn’t open anymore, I just deleted them all.

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