Rising From The Ashes…

 Sounds like a cheesy novel: “Rising From The Ashes…”, but I can assure you it’s not.  I am finally ready to move on.  Ready to rise and to live again.  In the following posts, I will be telling you my personal story, our journeys; in a way I hadn’t opened up with my readers for many years.

Rising Phoenix

For those of you who are not familiar with our story, last October  we had a terrible week.

  • On Tuesday the kids and I were in a horrible car accident that left our car totaled, and since we were saving up for full coverage with another company; we had switched to liability only the previous week.
  • On Wednesday morning (around 1 a.m) we came home from the hospital, we all decided to sleep n the living room floor because we were all shaken up and there was a bad wind storm going on.  Sometime between 1 a.m and 5 a.m. someone broke into our back room and stole everything from my home office, and all of the inventory from my online store… while we were sleeping in the next room!
  • On Friday as you can imagine our morale was pretty low.  I told the kids to get ready because we were going to go to Walmart and buying cleaning products.  We were going to have a full house cleaning to symbolize our fresh start.  The worst was behind us!
    While at the store my neighbor called me hysterically asking me where my kids were.  When I told her I had them with me; she told me my house was on fire.  We didn’t have renter’s insurance either.

The next 4+ months were filled with tears, fears, and struggles.  During that time we also suffered many other blows:

  • The week before Christmas my Husband’s Grandmother passed away, we were very close with her; so it was a very huge hit to our Family.
  • During Christmas there was an organization who donated a check to us for $1,000.  It was the first happy thing happen to us.  My husband and I decided that we were going to save it for when we found a place to live.
  • On January 6th, I got the worst call ever since my Gramma passed away.  My Husband was histerically screaming “the baby died!”. Follow that with me screaming back “what baby!” while I’m frantically looking around and counting my kids. “Bella!” he screamed. I dropped.
    (back story: Since I lost my own child at 23 weeks (9 years ago), I stayed away from babies, pregnant women, baby showers, even the baby sections in department stores. The second I met Bella, I was in love. Our cousins said we were her self-appointed God-Parents because she had another set. Our kids and my husband and I were in complete love with her. We babysat and saw her as often as we could)
    That day, Bella was taken by SIDS, on her 5 month birthday.
  • During Baby Bella’s re-pass, someone took the $1,000 I had in my wallet. The same $1,000 that the wonderful organization had donated to us.
  • 1 1/2 months later we got word that we could move back into the rental. It was bittersweet because we were hoping never to return to that house that held such painful memories. When we moved in, reality hit. We slept on sheets on the floor, sat on pillows instead of couches.

Slowly we have been able to rebuild, it’s been a long road; a very long, steep, muddy road in the middle of the night…


Here are 2 more updates since then:

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